I don’t eat for taste you know. I just eat for fuel, that’s it. I eat to get big, I don’t care what it tastes like Anything for calories, That’s why I think I’ve been so succesful. I’ve been very open-minded with my training and most importantly my diet. Like I said before I think diet is 80-90% of being a profesional bodybuilder. You can’t train like a horse and eat like a bird. This rice cooker runs 24/7. That pasta gave me A PUMP. I keep myself in this STRIKING ZONE. So then when I do start back, dieting And I start adding them meals in .. My bodyweight goes naturally back up. But then I start cutting back down. And I come in every single year .. RIGHT ON THE MONEY. I’m talking ounces. Let’s just get BIG! No hamburger… FISH. You can’t just get results overnight. Alright so this is meal number 5. 5’O Clock.. 4 more meals to go. I put on two pounds since yesterday, so.. I’m on my way back up. Start bumping up my fats a little bit. My bodyweight is just starting to climb now. I may lose a little condition but that’s ok. When I’m dieting for a show it’s a very very strict lifestyle. I mean I’m up at 5 in the morning. I’m training twice a day.. And I’m basically sleeping and eating and TUNNEL VISIONED. There’s no world, and THAT’S IT. That’s how I have to be to get ready for these shows. Here we are post-training. HARD WORK PAYS OFF. Because if I’m not eating .. If I’m not sleeping .. If I’m not doing the right thing .. Then I won’t win.

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