World’s MOST DANGEROUS Animal Catches!

(dramatic music) – [Man] That might be your
most epic catch of all time. (drumming) – Hey Coyote Pack, today
I want you to think back to your favorite Brave
Wilderness episode. Look at that creature. Okay, big boy. Okay, got it? Now think about what
makes that your favorite. Was it the expansive
drone shots that gave you a new perspective of
a wild environment? Or maybe it was during
an animal presentation where you learned
something fascinating about a species you
never even knew existed. You can see right through the
underside of that amphibian. It’s definitely fair
to say that most of you love the moments where I’m
rolling around on the ground in pain after being
stung by a creepy looking but often times
misunderstood insect. But what about the catch? Those impossible moments where
I spot the target species and am actually able to get
them up close for the cameras? I think we can all agree
that those encounters are the most exciting. So today’s episode is
all about just the catch. – [Man] There it is,
coming around here. Coming around here. We can set it up, it’s on land. – Got it, yeah, whoo! Wow! Up on land that was
a dangerous maneuver. I almost slipped but it
went right into the net! Wow, that is a three
hour expedition turned in with success. Let me introduce you to
the Australian longfin eel. There it is, come here buddy. Incredibly difficult
to hold onto. Oh no!
– [Man] Did you get it? (dramatic music) – No!!
– [Man] Be careful. – Yes! Yes! Redemption! Redemption! You guys might remember the time that the giant fresh
water prawn slipped from my hands and got
back into the river. Not happening tonight with
the giant longfin eel. – [Coyote] Oh man, boy
that’s a big spider. Oh boy, it’s onto us,
look through there can you see the red on
the sides of its legs? – [Man] I’m gonna back up. Let me see if I can see
the spider on the leaf. – [Coyote] Let me
see if I can grab it. – [Man] He wants
the spider, right? I got a leaf, I don’t
know if I have a spider. – Go ahead and set down
the leaf right there. Let me see the capsule. Okay, you guys got
okay shots, right? – [Man] You didn’t see
it run out of there when we got the leaf did you?
– I did not. – [Man] There’s
webbing all over that. I think that’s its
permanent residence. Probably don’t
want to destroy it. – [Coyote] I see it. It’s right in here. It’s right in this
leaf right here. This main stretch.
– [Man] What’s the game plan? – [Coyote] I am going to
put the end of the capsule right like this and
I’m going to gently try to coax it backwards
into the container. Wait, where’s the
lid, where’s the lid? – [Man] I don’t have gloves
so you’re on your own. – Yup, everybody
got a good shot? The wandering spider is quite
possibly the most dangerous arachnid we could come across
out here in the rainforest. It’s in there, it’s in. Ooh, no it’s not! Hold on, nobody move! Look out, look out, look out! Back, back, back, back, back! See how they jump? Got it, whoo! That was a little
nerve wracking. Wow, talk about one
fierce looking spider. – [Man] He’s gonna get it. I think he sees it. (indistinct yelling) What happened? Go, go, go! (indistinct yelling) What’s wrong, did you catch it? – Yeah, I caught it but the bad news is I
caught something else too. – [Man] First spike
I’ve ever seen. – Hold on a second, hold
on, hold on, hold on. I don’t want to get some– – [Man] They’re
all over you man. (groaning) – Hold on a second, let
me get this under control. – [Man] Oh my gosh, did you get the tarantula hawk at least? – I did, I caught
the tarantula hawk. – [Man] Did you hear that? – Yeah, it’s definitely a frog. Let me see if it calls again. No, your camera didn’t
get that sound did it? You weren’t rolling yet? – [Man] No.
– Yeah, I definitely heard one, alright
I’m moving up this. It’s definitely worth looking. It’s a bit steep but… (dramatic music) I see it. It’s definitely–
– [Man] Is it catchable? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, well
none of the rest of them have been, hold on a second. I’m gonna have to dive for it. Yes!
– [Man] Did you get it? – I got it and a
handful of grass too. Whew, alright I’m
coming down, you ready? – [Man] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Oh yes.
– [Man] Careful, careful, careful, you alright? – Yeah, covered in mud,
handful of leaf litter, but I definitely have the frog. Oh my gosh, are you ready?
– [Man] Yeah. – [Coyote] This has been
one difficult amphibian to come across, ready? Don’t move, don’t
move, don’t move, I got it, got it, got it. – [Man] There he is. – Hold on, just let
it come down there on a nice flat spot. It’s gonna get away, got it! Here we go, he’s right
here and he’s big. It is a big alligator. Alright, Chance, come up slow. Now this is the apex
predator that lives here in the Florida Everglades. Bit of an aggressive
posture here. Starting to open up
its mouth, he’s saying, “I’m the top predator
around here, Coyote. “You better have
some respect for me.” And trust me, you have to
respect the American alligator. And that’s the first
defensive posture that these gators will use is to kind of flip the tail around. All the muscle
mass is in the tail and that’s what I really
need to watch out for. He could take out my
legs with a single swing. Basically what I’m
gonna do is lunge on top of his back and
hold his neck in place. Now he’s probably gonna
squirm around a little bit. As long as I keep my hands
away from those jaws, I should be okay. Alright, you guys ready? – [Man] Yeah, ready. – Wow, okay, you hear that hiss? He’s not exactly happy
to have me on his back. That is the American alligator. And this is one of the
reptiles that I want to show you out here
in the Everglades because these guys are top dog. (dramatic music) Got one! Got one! There we go, there
we go, got one! Man, it’s cold, its strong
attempt to get the bugs back. That’s a pretty good one. Okay, so we just got
here on location today at Kids Saving the Rainforest and yesterday we saw
this spiny tailed iguana just a little one up there
in this little gutter. And I managed to
scare it out of there and it lept out and Mario
tried to dive and catch it and we were like,
“Wow, that was crazy. “That’s never gonna
happen again.” And sure enough, we
show up this morning. It’s right back
in the same spot. Now Mario doesn’t have
his camera in hand. Mark has the camera and we’re gonna
try to see if Mario can make an amazing catch. Okay, you guys ready? Let’s do it. (chipper music) – [Coyote] Ready?
– [Mario] Yeah. – [Mario] Got it.
– Yes! That was awesome! Oh my gosh, you caught him. How cool was that? I guess without a camera in hand this guy can catch iguanas
like they’re baseballs flying through the air. Look at that little guy. Ooh, those teeth are sharp. Stick your finger in there. – No, that’s your job. – No, no, no, don’t
let it bite my nose. Wow, that’s cool. This is a little juvenile
spiny tailed iguana. Hold this, hold this, hold this. – [Man] Mario, go
get your camera. (tense music) – [Coyote] Got it, got it! I got the back of its body. Hold on a second. It’s really slippery.
– [Man] That is a big caiman. – [Coyote] I got the
back of its body. Nobody move, I’m gonna jump in. Nobody move, got a shot on it?
– [Man] Yup. – [Coyote] Hold
tight, hold tight. Ah, tangled up. Got the rope, I got the
rope, I got the rope. I’m tangled up with the caiman. You got a shot?
– [Man] Yup, I got a shot. – [Coyote] One, two, three. Got it, yes!
– [Man] That is a huge caiman. – [Coyote] Holy mackerel, okay. I’m gonna need your help, Mario. I need you to wrap, I need
you to wrap its snout. – [Mario] Okay, we’re
gonna put it up front. – [Coyote] Careful,
careful, careful. Don’t get whacked. – [Mario] You alright?
– [Coyote] We’re losing it. – [Mario] You alright?
– [Coyote] Yup. – [Man] Everybody okay? – [Coyote] Incredible
amount of power. – [Mario] Watch your
face, watch your face. – [Coyote] Yeah, a little bit.
– [Man] You alright? – [Coyote] Still got
a lot of fight in him. – [Mario] There you go,
just watch your face. There you go, there you go. – Got him, yes, there we go. Told you, a lot of fight still. Alright guys, so
this is super crazy. We just got finished
filming with an octopus and there’s a shark in
this pocket of water. That is a spotted gully shark. Now they are bottom feeders
and unlike great white sharks or tiger sharks, they only have
small little blunted teeth. So, it should be okay for me to gently pick up this shark. Are you guys ready? – [Man] Yup.
– [Coyote] I have no idea how fast it’s gonna move. I’m gonna actually
not use my net and try to grab it by
the back of the tail. They have very
sandpaper like skin so I should be able to
grip onto it no problem. – [Man] Heads up. – Okay, I got ahold of it there. Bringing it up. Hey, buddy, look at that. That is the first shark
we have ever caught or featured on the Brave
Wilderness channel. (dramatic music) And this is without
question the legendary turtle named Cornelius
that lives here in Thoreau Lake and he
is an absolute dragon. Okay guys, we’ve
got a monitor just in front of the vehicle here. Gonna approach slow. Right now he’s just
holding its ground. (intense music) – [Man] See it?
– [Man 2] It’s up there. – [Man] Yeah, I see it,
it’s right here up the tree. Up a tree, right up the tree. Careful. He might make a jump. – [Man 2] He’s gonna jump
to this other section here. – [Coyote] Man, I’ve got
him but he is locked on to the end of this branch. Got him, nice catch. (cheering) – [Man] That might be your
most epic catch of all time. – Now the question’s how
am I gonna get back down? Alright guys, we’ve
got a good turtle out in front of us,
cameras rolling, this could be it. (intense music) (triumphant music) (cheering) Careful, careful. – Caught a turtle! That did not feel good. I jumped, grabbed the
back of the shell. Whoo! Man, that is a good
sized turtle right there. Without question the biggest
turtle I’ve ever caught. Looking back at these
heart racing moments, I’m reminded how fortunate
the crew and I have been to safely interact and
educate the audience about these amazing animals. If you didn’t see your
favorite catch in this episode, let us know in the
comment section below. And keep an eye out
for just the sting. If you enjoyed this look
back at some of our most daring catches,
make sure to go back and watch the episode
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