WILL HE LEAVE… for Animal Planet?!

– I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter
the contract zone with Animal Planet, here we go, ready? One, two, three. (suspenseful music) ♪ Fire ♪ ♪ A fire on the mountain ♪ (lively country music) – What’s gonna happen
to our YouTube channel? Are we shutting down
Brave Wilderness? – I’m sure that is
the biggest fear, that everybody out there has, is the Brave Wilderness, that I have grown to love
over the past four years with all these animals and all
of Coyote’s bites and stings gonna just disappear? Absolutely not. – Still gotta make
Blue Wilderness videos. – That’s right.
– Okay. – And what about
Mario’s new show? – I got a show?
– You do have a show. – Yeah.
– Oh, nice. – Yeah, he has a show. By teaming up with
Animal Planet, we will be able to reach
so many more people, when it comes to
creating content, that is educational,
promoting conservation and just getting people
genuinely excited about animals. This is a global brand, they
are in over 360 million homes worldwide in over 200 countries. We’ve done a great
job on YouTube creating short, interactive
animal experiences, what this option
will allow us to do is create even
larger narratives, consider them mini movies
in a certain sense. – Our team will be bigger.
– It will be bigger. – Our team’s been
growing steadily since the beginning of
the YouTube channel, but if we sign this, we’ll
have a whole new team to assist us in going further,
having bigger adventures, seeing some of those
iconic animal species we’ve always wanted to see, this opportunity really
represents the chance for us to do all the big stuff
we’ve always wanted to do. – So what does that mean,
Mario, Mr. Wildlife Biologist, you know, what are some
of these locations, that we may go after,
– Yeah. – and what are some
of the animal species, – Yeah.
– ’cause everybody’s thinking to themselves, well, the
guys already filmed lions and elephants and
Tyrannosaurus Rex teeth, what else is there? – Yeah, we definitely
have showcased some really amazing species
so far on the channel and we’re gonna
continue to do so, especially those really
bizarre creepy crawlies, that you guys love and we love, but we do have the
time now and the team to tackle stuff
like komodo dragons, – Ooh, Indonesia.
– anacondas, great white sharks, I
mean, these are things, that we as animal lovers
dream of encountering and dream of bringing to you, so this will give us that
opportunity to get that footage. – There are so many
iconic species, that we feel we could have
even more of an opportunity and multiple platforms
between YouTube and now maybe the
television platform to share the message of
education, conservation and to promote the
preservation of these species. – Sure, the logistics of finding some of these iconic
species is immense, I mean, the amount of
work it takes for us in pre-production
to find the location and find the experts in the
field, I mean, it’s grand and now Animal
Planet will actually bring to the table
some of their resources to help us achieve these goals – Hm-mm.
– of finding these species. – So we’re gonna start
producing this right away, if this is signed today, basically we’ll get
to work tomorrow. – And for us, we look
at it as two platforms to be able to bring
animals, adventure, conservation and education. – And we will definitely
keep you all informed, we have a new newsfeed on our
website, BraveWilderness.com, so you can stay up to
speed on all things Animal Planet related from
the website of course, we’ll be updating
everyone on the channel throughout the whole progress
that we make on the series and you know, there
will probably be some really behind
the scene moments that we get to put on
the channel as well, so certainly everyone
will be in the know every step we take.
– Hm-mm. – There’s also, you know,
Animal Planet is symbolism to all of us, we grew up
watching Animal Planet and that influenced us
to create the segments and create our YouTube channel. – For four years, you guys
have been following us on the Brave Wilderness channel and I can’t tell you how
many times I’ve seen it pop up on the comment section, you guys need a show
on Animal Planet. We listened to the audience and eventually, you know,
we said to ourselves, okay, we’ve built what
we built on YouTube and we are ready to
take the next leap, the next opportunity, you think of the
people that inspired us like Steve Irwin, Jeff
Corwin, Bear Grylls, Les Stroud, all of these people that have been a part
of this network before, that have brought their
specific form of education, conservation, entertainment
and adventure to this platform, we look at ourselves
as having this chance, it’s a once in a lifetime
opportunity for us to not only embark
upon larger adventures, but also to bring more animal
content to the audience. – And inviting all of you to
come with us on this adventure, you have changed our
lives in so many ways, I mean, we could probably
make a whole video on how our lives
are different today, than when we began
the channel in 2014. But this also
represents a big change and we wanna make this
change with you guys, it’s an experience
we should all enjoy and it’s a true triumph
to the community, that we’ve created
here on YouTube. – Our Coyote Pack is the
most important thing, we only exist
because of you guys and if we sign this contract and I think you guys know
where this is headed, this is a journey for
all of us to embark upon and we’re gonna do
everything we possibly can to make sure that this
family, that this pack continues to grow
week after week, whether it’s on YouTube,
whether it’s on televison, no matter where we
are in the world, we are together as a team, not just right here,
the three of us, but all of you out
there watching as well. Mark, are you in? – I say we should do it.
– You did it. Mario, are you ready for
the next big adventure? – I’m confident that
we can achieve this. – Oh man.
– It all comes down to the last signature.
– It all comes down to me. The moment that you guys all
clicked on the video for, Will Coyote Sign the Contract? I’m gonna sign it, guys, but again, from the
bottom of my heart, you have to understand
that this is coming from the most genuine
place, that the three of us have created thus far at
this point in our lives. In our careers, to spend
four years on YouTube, to spend many more
years on YouTube to come and now to have this opportunity
to bring you guys animals in a whole new way
is gonna be amazing. Us teaming up with Animal
Planet to bring you the greatest animal
adventure series of all time is about to begin production. (stirring cinematic music) There it is!
– Yeah! – Is this the hat moment?
– Yeah, get your hat on. – We are officially a part
of Team Animal Planet. – [Mark] Nice! – Alright, guys.
– Pull the strings? – Yeah, pull those celebration
strings, here we go! – One, two, three!
– Animal Planet! Whoa!
– Oh! – Of course it had
to be bullet ants and centipedes and snakes, woo! – Why’s there so
much Silly String? – I don’t know, it’s
a lot of Silly String. Woo, alright guys, well, there is an incredibly
exciting adventure ahead for all of us, the
Wilderness Productions team and of course everybody
out there watching in the Coyote Pack and I hope you will
all stick with us on the adventure that’s to come. I’m Coyote Peterson, – I’m Mark Vins.
– I’m Mario Aldecoa. – Be brave! – Stay wild.
– Stay wild. – We’ll see you on the next
chapter of this adventure. – Woo!
– Woo! – Oh man, that was crazy. – Are these bullet ants?
– Yes, they are. (light jungle music) Don’t worry, guys, some things will never change. (light jungle music)


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    He Deserves Everything He Got πŸ’™ !

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    How dare they give you that cap and not a cowboy hat 🀠

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    Next is the strike zone of a goldfish. πŸ™ƒ

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    2020 special, Coyote Peterson eaten by the greatest beasts in the world. Watch sharks rip of his leg, tigers gnawing on his skull, piranhas nibbling his arm! Also featuring "are you ok?" after Coyotes head gets ripped of by a rabid hippo! And YES! Coyotes remains fed to LEGENDARY maneating crocodile GUSTAVE!

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