what’s up guys and welcome back to a
brand new episode here on the koi partner YouTube channel in today’s video
I will explain why it’s so important to feed the best koi food for your koi and
pond. So before we start I need to make clear that not every hobbyist can pay
for the best koi food that’s available so in today’s video I will explain what
is important to look for if you buy a good koi food. So let’s dive in the many
parts of koi food, if I forgot something please let me know in the comments and
please let me also know what kind of koi food you are using at the moment.
Nowadays there are many koi foods on the market that are derived from feeds for
consumption fish.Feeds that aim to get the fish as large as possible for human
consumption a worrying development in which the
health of the fish is not central so in today’s video I will discuss the most
important points so that you can choose the best koi food within your budget
what’s the video completely so you know exactly what to look out for. First of
all don’t let fancy packages with the most beautiful and largest fish on them
trick you to buy those, so what does it Koi need? A koi does not have a stomach
like most animals but only has intestines in the intestines the intake
of all important nutrients that the extracts from the food take place
basically the Koi removes the so called macronutrients from its food, this
concerns proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The proteins: for most hobbyists the
first thing they look at when they are buying a koi food, proteins are extremely
important for the growth and health of the fish. We can divide proteins into the
vegetable ones and the natural proteins. A good koi food contains natural aquatic
proteins such as high-quality fish meal a cheaper koi food often contains
proteins from warm-blooded animals such as beef
we as humans can take unlimited pertains well a Koi cannot, this is completely
dependent on the water temperature and with a surplus of proteins the koi will
store this as fat around the organs. The solutio? Seasonal food, let’s get back to that later in this video. The following part is very complex and can be studied
in detail, I will try to explain the most important parts of course we are talking
about fats in koi food. Basically there are three different functions fats for a
koi the first one is energy fats are basically one of the first energy
sources for the koi. The second one is growth a koi needs fats to grow and the
third one is the storage of energy three very important parts that many hobbyists
do not take into account when they are buying a koi food the last of the three
macronutrients is in my eyes the most important and underestimated of all
three. Carbohydrates: carbohydrates are nothing more than starch and sugars
together with the fats they are the energy supplier for the Koi. Just like
in our food too many carbohydrates are bad for you and the surplus will
immediately be converted into fat, after all they are sugars. We can conclude that
the surplus of proteins and carbohydrates is the direct cause of fat
deposits around the organs of the Koi. It’s therefore very important to look at
quantities on the label when purchasing your koi food a Koi food manufacturer
is obligated to state this to make a Koi food you need a binder and these
are carbohydrates. A good koi food uses ingredients that can be found close to
natural food of the carb. So to give an example they are not grains. Use the
following tips that I give you right now and you know what to look out for when
you are buying a koi food the next time. as I said earlier in the previous videos
studied the label very well note the percentage a Koi food can only consist
of a composition that is 100% no less and certainly not more! Do you see
ingredients such as grain or soy on the label? Keep in mind that these
ingredients have little nutritional value. See if the manufacturer has stated
the net protein absorption. Once again the higher the percentage of body
proteins, the more these are absorbed by the koi when you notice the following
things it is wise to take a closer look at your current koi food. Foam: so if you find
too much foam on the surface of your water it means that the koi cannot
properly digest the proteins. These proteins are therefore of poor quality or you
feed too much. Ask yourself this. so the next one is faeces or better known as poop. It’s very wise to look closely at the faeces of the fish the stools must
have a firm structure and sink directly to the bottom when the fish is fall
apart or there is little to no faeces it’s good to ask yourself whe ther the
koi can properly digest the food that are you’re giving right now. So finally
buy a koi food that has already proven itself. Think of brands like Hikari and
pro bites they have different kind of foods for each season. Be critical and
ensure that the fish you take good care of also live healthy for a long as
possible do you have any questions please let me know them in the comments
and I will respond as soon as possible with my answer so do you want more
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