WE CAUGHT A MOOSE!! Adley Learns to Feed Animals at the Family Cabin (first time for Niko)

– I Love the cabin (upbeat rock music) – [Shon] Holy (giggling) cow. – Hey there’s another secret way. – [Shon] More secret ones.
– And more secret ways. And another secret way. – [Shon] That’s a chipmunk house. (Adley laughing) – See that one looking at me. There’s two mooses! – Holy This is so crazy. – It’s a Moose. – A Moose and a baby moose. – [Adley] Hi! – What a morning! Hi! What are you doing? – I am playing with slime. – Slime! We just filmed the most
amazing Adley video ever! Jenny made this entire set! Super Spooky! Look at this mess! It was amazing! – [Jenny] I’m showing
Nicco to make some potions! He missed out. – [Shon] Your making potions buddy? – [Jenny] Yeah. – [Shon] These are all
Adley’s magic potions. – [Shon] You wanna make a potion? – Yeah for the vlog. – [Shon] K! Let’s make one! Oh were gonna make a giant one? – Yeah. – [Shon] K! Nicco are you gonna help? – Yeah. – [Shon] Spooky! – [Jenny] Put it in there. Yes. – [Shon] Good Job Nicco! – [Jenny] Ooo what about a spider? – [Adley] I’ll put this in there! – [Jenny] Yeah! – I’ll put this in there! – [Shon] A centipede? Ewww! Should we put some spiders in there? – [Jenny] Lots of Spiders! – [Adley] Vlog look these are magic rocks! – [Jenny] Magic rocks! – [Shon] And those are the Magic rocks! Magic rocks. – [Adley] That’s it! Go! Go! – [Jenny] Look at that Nicco! Look how cool! – Let’s put something in there! – Ooo Yeah! – [Shon] Stir it up. – Dad! These. – [Shon] Centipedes. – [Jenny] (laughs) You
still got your witch voice! – We were talking like witches so I keep going in and out
of a witch accent kind of. Let’s put cobwebs in there! – Yeah! – [Jenny] Oh My Gosh! – Put it all in! – [Shon] Ahh, That’s a big potion. – [Jenny] That’s all the cobwebs! – [Shon] (laughs) and then
a little bit of glitter. – Let’s put this in! – [Jenny] Adley just loves this so much! – So Yeah, this is what
we’ve been doing all morning! – [Adley] Time to Craft!
Time to Craft! Time to Craft! – [Jenny] More Magic rocks! – [Shon] These ones were incredible! This was, Adley What was this one? – Unicorn Snot! – [Shon] What was this one? – Leprechaun Patrick Day! Bug Snow Doe! – [Shon] Ooo! See those
are all our creepy potions. – Yeah but it stinks in here so bad! – We also, this is vinegar we did baking soda and vinegar potions! So that was kinda cool. – [Jenny] K. – [Shon] K. One more potion and then were taking you to the mountains! Do you remember this a couple days ago? – Camping next weekend? – Deal. – Deal. Guys, lots of comments.
Peer pressure us into it. We’ll take you guys camping next weekend. Exactly! Everyone left
comments and we wanna do it! So the leaves this weekend are supposed to be the most
beautiful they’ve ever been and were going to the mountains! – I’m going to mountains with you! – [Shon] Yeah your coming! And guess what Brandon’s coming and were gonna ride our rikers up! You know our little 3 wheeler? Mmhmm. Motorcycle gang! – Were gonna make a potion! – [Shon] Ooo let’s put a slime in it. – No, my favorite slime,
those are my favorite slimes! – [Shon] These are your favorites? Can we use one for the potion or no? – No. – [Shon] Okay, these are
Adley’s favorite slimes. We can only use the other
slimes in the potions. Can we use that one? – Yeah. – [Shon] K. Put it in the potion! Good job! – [Adley] Can you open this? – [Shon] Yeah. – [Adley] I’ll open this. Open this. – [Shon] More eyeballs! – Good job Nicco! – Goodbye Alien! – [Nicco] (screams) – [Jenny] Can we make it a color? – Yeah. – [Shon] Yeah, lets make
it a colorful potion. – [Jenny] Just do a little bit, Little! Ooo its a big one! – [Shon] (evil laugh) – [Adley] (laughs) What about this? – [Shon] Oooo, Real talk
making potions is so fun! – Ziggity Ziggity Zaggity Zoo Make this potion into spider zoom! – [Shon] Whoa its spider zoom! This potions pretty cool! – Dad, get your face close! – [Shon] Like right here? Whoa! Alright well, that was a lot of fun! And now we gotta clean it all up. Wanna help me clean? – [Adley] NO! – [Shon] Hey! I said wanna help me clean? – Nooo – [Shon] That’s what witches do when they make potions,
they gotta clean them up. And this is a mess. Lets use magic to clean them up! Wanna do that? – Magic, Magic, Clean all this UP! – [Shon] Poof! – Whoa the magic worked! – [Shon] The magic worked, its clean! Hey! Were real witches! Well guess what. – What? – [Shon] I saved you something. Black slime. Your favorite. Alright, Should we go get
ready to go to the mountains? – Yeah! – I’m excited, Brandon
I know your excited! Cause this is the first time we are taking our rikers
like on a canyon cruise. We’ve been talking about this for weeks. – Do you wanna bring this? – [Shon] Yeah, lets bring the hold up. – What about a zoom lens? – [Shon] Yes definitely for the leaves! Are you excited Adley? – I’m gonna walk Josie home. – [Shon] Yeah your gonna walk Josie home? Josie, you look so cute
in your princess dress! – Guess what I’m Bell! – [Shon] Your Bell? You look just like Bell the princess! Way cute! Alright, everyone in the car! Were heading to the mountains! I’m so excited! I love the
mountains! I love the mountains! The best part about the
mountains? Horrible Wifi! (upbeat music) – [Jenny] Are you excited
for the mountain trip? – Yeah! – [Jenny] Yeah! – Are you excited? – Yes! (Upbeat rock music) – Update. So Nicco needs a bottle. So I’m pulled over, to get him some milk. And uh the guys are
watching some rocket league. Hey ya! – Were winning! – [Jenny] Huh we got it
huh were gonna get it! And Adley’s asleep over there. Huh? Hi! (giggles) are you being shy? Do you want a bubba – [Nicco] (baby cries) – [Jenny] There you go! Yeah bubba time! Mmmm. Got Nicco a bottle – Good Job! – Is rocket league winning? – A yeah rocket leagues golden. (laughs) Cruising in the Canyon is way
more fun then I even thought! – [Jenny] Is it cold? – Cause all the leaves are changing. – No. – I have this jacket that blocks the wi… Yesss!!! And we just scored! – [Jenny] How much longer? – One minute forty-seven seconds. – [Jenny] One minute. One minute and then we’ll
be back on the road guys! – [Brandon] Cool Slide Woo! – [Jenny] Pretty Cool! – That darn devil making his slides. Tricky guy. (laughs) – Hey! You know in cowboy movies, how the cowboy gets on his bike
from the back and its cool? (Upbeat rock music) – Welcome back to Utah! (Engine roaring) – [Adley] I’ve not been here before but I know that mooses and reindeers live in the like all the close trees and these are all the close trees. – [Jenny] Really? – Yeah! – [Jenny] So Pretty! – It is so pretty! I love the Cabin! (laughs) – [Shon] Hi! – Hey! – [Shon] Its Papa! – We made it! – [Shon] Wooo! That was so fun! – That was amazing man! Holy Cow! – We went through like 3 canyons that went out of Utah then back
in Utah then out of Utah Just hoping the boarder! It was beautiful. Dad that was so much fun! I love this thing! – Daddy come up here its so cool! – [Shon] Its so cool? – Yeah! – [Shon] Let me see! Holy (giggles) cow! What bed are you gonna sleep on? – I’m gonna sleep on… This big bed! – [Shon] The big one? (laughing) Where can I sleep? – You can sleep by me. Like right here. – [Shon] Huh! That’s a cool bed! – Or, or We cool share our bed! – [Shon] Ooo That’d be awesome! – Dad and I are gonna share this bed! – What? – And Mom you and Nicco
can share this bed! – [Shon] I like those arrangements! Guys come here, I need to show
you something really cool! – Wow! – [Jenny] Oh my Gosh! – [Shon] All the leaves
are changing colors! (laughing) – [Shon] Your under the roof? Adley look at all the trees
they’re turning yellow! – Thought we saw a moose
but then we slowed down and it was a cow. – I saw the exact same one
and I thought the same thing! it was so much fun riding the rikers. – It looked like you were having fun! – Seriously. I’ve been wanting to do
a trip like that since I got it earlier this year! – [Adley] I’m hiding! – Finally nailed it. Wait where’s Adley? Adley? Did she go downstairs? – [Adley] I’m behind the curtains! – [Shon] What? Ah! (laughs) I didn’t see that hiding spot. – [Jenny] Oh My Gosh this is so nice! – Oh there’s a bird house! – [Shon] Yeah, there’s
birds and chipmunks! – No there’s 2 bird houses see? – [Shon] Yeah? Sometimes Papa finds
deer and moose out here. – Lets go ask him if he
saw moose or deer out here! – [Shon] Welcome to the cabin Brandon! – Hey, Thanks! – [Shon] You’ve edited a
million videos from here. – I have. – [Shon] Now your finally up here! Hi Vlog, welcome to the cabin! – Deer out here? – We had deer out here today! – [Shon] That’s where the
deer eat. Right there. – Where they eat. – Yeah. What do deer eat? – The chipmunks eat. – [Shon] What do the deer eat? – They eat sweetmix. – Sweetmix so basically cereal. Got it. (laughs) Adley that’s where all the deers live out there in the mountains. – Whoa. Dad I found one chicksnuts. – [Shon] Oop put it in
the feeder for them. – Hey papa Chad look what I found! – Oh is that a peanut? – Yeah peanut. – That’s for the birds. – [Shon] She is so excited to be up here, in case you couldn’t tell. (laughs) That’s a chipmunk house. (Adley laughs) – I put my hand in there. Huh. – [Shon] Hey you can’t get that, that’s for chipmunks! – Look it a bird house! Hey there’s another secret way. – [Shon] More secret ones.
– And more secret ways. And another secret way. – [Shon] I bet a lot of birds live there. – Yeah. On the food dish, its on the food dish. – [Shon] Out there eating. – [Adley] Yeah. – [Shon] Little chipmunk. – Can we get close to it? – Should we see if we can get closer? – [Shon] Yeah get closer. Huh, look at that. – [Papa] He’s eating his food. – [Shon] Zoom in times 100 Brandon. That’s a chipmunk. Zoom back in. Pretty cool Huh? – Yeah – [Shon] I just told
you to zoom in times 100 to see that chipmunk. – I’ll do it. – Let’s go see the chipmunk. – Lets go see how close we can get. – Let’s go get the chipmunk. – Shhh, there he is on top. – Lets catch it. – And let it sleep in the cabin? – Yeah. (slow mysterious music) – Hey, you get back here! Hey hey hey – I see it. – He escaped, I bet he lives
in there with his family. I bet more will come out later though and we’ll just be very quiet. What? What are those? – Eggs. – Why are there eggs out here? – Papa, there’s eggs right there. – The eggs? – Yeah. – That’s for the fox
and the raccoon tonight. – Oh. – The fox comes and
eats the eggs at night. – Ohhhh! – Is that crazy? – Yeah. – This is gonna be a crazy night! – Yeah maybe…. – Huh! That’s a way good idea! Let’s tell the vlog! – We’re gonna see if we can go outside and see the raccoon at
night when its dark and eating his eggs. – Yeah. – [Jenny] What are you guys doing? – [Shon] He loves this thing! Turn it on right here. (engine roars) – [Jenny] Whoa! – [Shon] K, here we go! (baby screams) (Horn beep) – [Jenny] Hi! That so fun? Looking at the dog. All done. – [Shon] Oop push it right here. Turn it off. Yay! (laughs) He’s trying to turn it back on. Nooo – [Jenny] Wait what are you guys doing? – We’re gonna feed the animals. – She wants to feed them ego’s. – [Jenny] What? (laughs) – She’s trying to catch
some animals tonight. – [Jenny] Or are we catching a loving? (crickets chirping) Thanks for the laugh Brandon! – I got it! – [Jenny] This is just like a breakfast. – The eggs are for the fox to eat. – [Jenny] What? – Yeah, we’re gonna try
to catch a fox tonight. – So this one is for the deer
and this one’s for the moose, this one’s for the raccoon. – Wanna see something
cool? Come over here. Look. So see this right here? – Yeah. – That’s a night camera and it’s going to be filming the food so if a moose comes or a
raccoon or a fox or anything it will catch it and take a picture and then we can look at the
pictures in the morning. I think its motion censored. – I see lots of food right here. – Yeah. – [Jenny] He sees some deer. Be quiet, be quiet. I see it their running – [Shon] Oh I see them. – [Adley] Their so cute. – [Shon] Oh I love how they jump. – [Jenny] Oh their the go. – [Shon] I see them. – [Adley] I seem them, I see them! – [Jenny] Don’t fall off the mountain. – She stresses me out. – [Jenny] Yeah. – [Shon] Hey, (giggles) is that your (giggles)
look at that stance. – Look I see them! See
that big bush right there? – [Shon] Oh that’s where the deer is. – [Jenny] Oh yeah their he goes. – He’s hopping! He is gone now. – [Shon] Oh okay woo maybe that one will
come back and eat later. – Oh yeah! Saw a deer jumping! – She is so excited, I love this! – [Jenny] Dude why don’t we do this more? – I know! – She just loves camping! – [Shon] Hey don’t you run on the rocks! – I think she loves being
everywhere but home. That’s the truth. (laughs) – [Shon] Maybe by the side of the eggs so they can have eggs and egos. That’s a healthy breakfast. (Laughing) – [Jenny] Should we toast these for them? – No. – [Jenny] Oh, okay. – No? – They like it cold! – They like it cold? – [Jenny] You eat egos frozen. (laughs) – K, that’s enough! – K, now we just gotta wait! – I was thinking the deer and
moose were gonna go so quietly like this and fast so
fast and eat it like this. (laughs) – And then he’s gonna eat and run away? – And run away. – [Jenny] I like that demonstration Adley! – That’s like the third
time she’s done it. And then so not on this Best Day Ever
but the Best Tomorrow Ever, You guy’s will get to see
what came and ate the stuff at night. Really cool. So come back and watch the next video. Actually I think we are ahead on videos so maybe it will be in one
or two videos after this but keep watching were gonna find out. Look at this deliciousness. Tri Tip my favorite food that I didn’t even know existed till the cabin. I’ve never had it anywhere but the cabin. (laughs) and somehow it’s my favorite food. Good call Dad! Yo, Adley is loving this! Thank you so much. – She’s just bouncing. Go here, Go there, Do this, Do that! Oh, There’s a deer, there’s raccoon, just ah she’s excited! (Light Playful music) – [Shon] Get it get it try and get it. Huh! Got it! Good Job Buddy! You see that snag? – I did. – [Shon] What? – [Jenny] Let me see. – [Adley] There’s 2 mooses! – [Shon] Holy Cow that’s huge! – [Adley] There’s 2 mooses! – [Jenny] Oh My Gosh! – [Adley] And their so big! – [Shon] Wow! That’s crazy! – [Papa] Did you see the
deer out on the end Shon? Waiting for the moose to leave. – [Shon] This is so crazy! – [Jenny] Shon there’s the baby. – [Adley] He’s looking at me. – [Shon] That’s pretty cool huh? – We saw a moose. – A moose and a baby moose! (laughs) You almost got it try again. – Its a video. – Close. No not the water. (laughs) Oop my head. His head’s in the barrel. (laughs) We were supposed to be
in that bed an hour ago but she’s not very tired. Nope. He will not sleep and he’s going crazy. He’s turned into a baby werewolf. Stop trolling. – This is where you don’t sleep. – This is where you don’t sleep, right here. (laughs) You guys are crazy. I don’t even know what time it is but its way past bedtime. Who’s ending the vlog?
Adley will you end it? Nicco end this vlog. Thanks for watching bye!


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