We Adopted a Stray Cat – Feeding Cute Kittens and Cute Cats

We adopted a stray cat. I want you to meet her. But first, let’s feed the cats. My daughter. Didn’t you catch the fly? Ksksksksksksk Run, run, run. Run, my love Who are you? When did you come to this street? You run, too. Ksksksksk What do you want? Shall I give you wet cat food? Do you like? Jennifer made her sleep a pleasure on the balcony. My daughter Can you teach this cat to catch flies? He’s too new to catching flies. She needs you. You look like you don’t want to mess with her. Menemen My daughter Did you see your Jennefer sister? You’re not a cat. You look like a lion. How do you get along? Show us. Jennefer, where are you going? Did you feel ashamed to see the camera? We adopted you a week ago. We haven’t introduced you to people yet. They want to see your beauty. Let’s introduce you. One stray cat followed us to the car and got into our car. We didn’t want to get this cat out of the car. Because she was crying and she wanted to come with us. We had all the necessary vaccines and adopted this stray cat. In this video, I want to introduce you to the new member of our house. We named her ‘Menemen’. ‘Menemen’, eaten at breakfast in Turkey; A dish made with tomatoes, peppers and eggs. This cat, the first day he came to our house; She entered the plate, which was on the table, which was a menemen. For this reason, we named her ‘Menemen’. ‘Menemen’, a female stray cat. ‘Menemen’ and ‘Jennefer’ agreed quickly. We sleep together in the same bed. Greetings to all of you from Menemen and Jennefer.

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