Video #2 (b): Breed Focus: Chippiparai/Kanni Hound by Siva Siddhu: The Chippiparai and Its People

There are three dogs in a household here. All three are females. Let us go have a look at them now. The general practice is to keep only female dogs at home. We raise the male dogs in different places, and bring them here when necessary. So, how do they look ? This one here is one of my favourite female dogs. Look at its body size and structure. How many months old is this puppy ? It is an almost 3-month old pup, a Kanni. Since you wanted to know how a Kanni looks; here it is. This dog is but a black-coloured variant of the hound breed. Even at this stage, you can notice a well-formed tail (bony and segmented). The pointedness of the snout is quite obvious even at this age. Both of these puppies, are essentially the same breed. In fact, both of them are siblings from the same litter. This is a ‘fawn’-coloured dog, – – whereas, since this puppy appears black, it is called Kanni. If you look at the coat of this dog, you can see, – – that it almost has no hair. This is the indication of a good specimen. This is a 4-month old puppy, and it shows the appropriate growth for its age. This pup is the progeny of one of the best pair of dogs that we have. When it reaches about 6 months of age, you can notice a very obvious – – difference in its overall size and structure. It takes on the full appearance of a typical, proper sighthound. As a fact, in-line with foreign pedigrees, – – people are increasingly coming forward to get these dogs. Awareness is now relatively well spread, but more so among the youth. Similar to how the movement, to preserve the Kangeyam cattle breed has gained momentum, – – youth are now on the path, to help conserve these native sighthounds as well. Specifically, social media is playing a pivotal role, in creating and spreading awareness. To add to it, – – the recently published book, ‘The Book of Indian Dogs’ by Mr. Theodore Baskaran, – – the work of veteran historian, – – an excellent writer, – – his life’s work on native dogs, – – has greatly supplemented to the rising popularity of these breeds. This dog here is called Thangamani. She is the best specimen that we currently have. She easily fits all the criteria of how a female Chippiparai ought to be. My friend here is called Mr. Vignesh. He serves as a school teacher. He is an ardent pet lover, with great love for these sighthounds. The three dogs that you just saw (plus the 4-month old puppy) are his. With this dog, you can observe a patch of white on her chest. This is a rare presentation. The father of this dog, – – named Chokkanathan Pudur Periya Sevala (Big Red), – – was a dog famous for its running ability. In that dog’s lineage, one progeny tends to appear in dual-shades with white on the chest. Compared to the other dogs that we have, she is an aggressive one. If you can notice, her rear quarters are large and muscular. Dogs with this particular physical presentation, are successful as good runners. These collars are fabricated out of cotton fibers. These are mainly made for these sighthounds. The interesting design of this collar, is that, it is a single piece and cannot me dismantled. It is custom made to be fitted snugly around the neck like so. And removed liked this. This leash is called the ‘Paasa Kayyiru’. This particular one is the twin-tailed Paasa Kayyiru. The houndsmen, slip in their hand through this handle like so, – – and pass the tail ends of the rope through this ringed loop. And they hold onto it this way. On the field, when the dogs pick up the pace to bolt, – – they hold back their hands inside the handle, – – and let go of the tail ends. They walk the dogs by holding onto the handle, and release the ends like this, to set the hound loose. Thank you ! And show Caesar (the family Chippiparai) as well. You can pause the recording; the interview is done.


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