Toysee Learns Zoo Animals Names – Fun Animal Toys with Horses

spider grasshopper octopus, lobster
yellow dog. What’s this? Guys, do you like toys, like I do? I love
to play with toys whoa this is a toy. Wow! This is the real animal horse hey guys, I’ve got an idea let’s play
with lots of animal toys and see how the real animals look like wow
let’s go! Purple horse white and yellow Pelican orange monkey pink puffer fish this is orange lion, blue baby dolphin yellow baby shark clownfish blue squirrel black white and yellow zebra, sea turtle black-and-white Panda pink starfish, white and blue penguin orange goldfish, an orange clownfish yellow giraffe, yellow and green parrot, blue
tang fish yellow duck a pink flamingo yellow dog cute deer, red
lobster this is octopus green grasshopper, it’s a spider thank you so
much for watching I’ve just created a brand new video for
you my friend and I’m inviting you to watch it
I’ll see right there right now

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