Toysee finds SURPRISE EGGS! Learn Sea animal and Wild Zoo animals names with toys for kids

Hey guys, I do think so that we’ve found our first surprise egg Come on … let’s go Check it out! πŸ˜‰ Do you see our first Surprise Egg? Whoa … Come on let’s come with me Come on guys Have a look, it has Googly eyes This is so funny πŸ™‚ I love it ! What color is this surprise toy egg? That’s right, guys. It’s color Yellow Good job you guys But guys, do you wanna see what’s inside this surprise egg? Let’s open it up Hey guys, are you ready? One, two, three Whoa … YEAH! Take a look what’s inside the egg? The Surprise Egg has for us something: first animal toy is an Elephant with two white tusks and big horn The next animal toy is a Lion He is a king of the Jungle, guys whoa… with an orange and brown hair colors the next one is the Orca whale I love Orca It swims in sea and ocean waters whoa Hey Orca, you’re so pretty. Toysee loves Orca whale toy or it is a killer whale say it with me, friends – a killer whale Good job! Let’s go and hunt another surprise eggs Where they are? Come on Look I think I’ve found another Surprise toy egg whoah… It is our next surprise egg with lots of animals toys inside It is color Red Say it with me guys – the color Red Good job Do you wanna see what’s inside? Me too, I can’t wait to see what animals toys are inside! Come on πŸ™‚ One, two and three Whoa … Let’s see what’s inside First animal is s Giraffe say it with me guys – Giraffe Good job Let’s see what the next animal toy is My favorite animal. It’s animal Panda say it with me – Panda Panda is a bear with two colors black and white This animal has two horns on its head whoa look at the Rhinoceros It’s so cool animal Hey guys, so we’ve found two Surprise eggs, right? So cool ! First is a color Yellow and the second is color Red We have totally two surprise toy eggs

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