Top 8 Russian Dog Breeds

The Borzoi is an elegant sight hound that was bred by the Russian aristocracy for hundreds of years. They were originally used for hunting wolves, fox and hare over the open plans of Russia. The most popular of all Russian breeds, they are affectionate with their owners and have independent personalities. Described as elegant and graceful, the leggy breed has a Greyhound-like shape with a longer coat. A fur ball of a friend, this Soviet dog is recognized for its wavy to curly coat. Today, the breed can be found in a variety of colors including, black, black and tan, brown, brown and tan, grey, red, fawn, crème, beige and orange. Large and Mastiff-like in size,this calm, fearless flock guardian is known for being independent and standing their ground. Central Asian Shepherd Dog love their families, but should be supervised when around children. They originally were used as guardians and still have many of those tendencies as a part of their makeup today. The Black Russian Terrier is large and powerful, and was developed in Russia to be used for law enforcement. The breed is very intelligent, learns quickly and has a natural protective instinct. Originally the dog of Russian and Finnish peasants, the Karelian Bear Dog endure tough conditions as a hunting and watch dog. The breed is one of the top ten most common dogs in Finland today. The Russian Toy is a rare breed that was developed in 19th century Russia as a companion for the aristocracy. The breed thrives on human companionship and loves to play. Known as the name of the first dog in space. This medium-sized dog was originally developed to hunt bear, elk, boar and pheasant in the taiga zone of northern Russia. It’s head is small and has a compact, strong body. The Russo European Laika’s coat can be black, gray, or white double coat. Also known as the the Russian Sheepdog and the Caucasian Mountain Dog, this breed acts as a family guard dog having a fierce, alert and dominant personality as well as having a suspicious nature toward strangers. The guard dog thrives when he has a large family, good amount of land and other animals around to protect.

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