Top 15 Scary Stranger Encounters Caught on Video

15. Bike Incident
This video was recorded by 36-year-old bicyclist, Malcolm Fox, who caught the frightening encounter
on his GoPro. After taking a wrong turn while cycling in
Somerset West, South Africa in May of 2014, the footage caught a man approaching Fox. He was then told to hand over all of his possessions. Having never been robbed before, the bicyclist
told the Cape Times, “I know it’s a cliché, but in that moment I wondered if I was about
to become another statistic; if my two boys would grow up without a father.” This wasn’t a one-person show; there was
a team of robbers, with one man taking Malcolm’s bike, another frisking him, knife in hand. Lucky for Fox, however, the robbers weren’t
aware they were being filmed. They weren’t even aware of what the GoPro
was. Fox said: “The footage is so clear I’d
hate to think he will get away with it.” As it turns out, they didn’t get away with
it. The suspects were apprehended, based on this
GoPro footage, and all of the his possessions were recovered. And all thanks to a GoPro. 14. Bus Break
What happens when you’re on the bus, and a man starts breaking in the window and threatening
your life? Maks Phoenix published this video of just
such an event in February of 2016. A man is seen breaking through an upper glass
pane in the accordion door and then trying in vain to get inside. He shakes the door handle with all his might,
but it’s not budging. He continues to threaten one of the passenger’s
lives, asking if he wants to continue living. Finally, he jumps up through the gaping window
and is inside the bus. He confronts the passenger. But they just stand there at each other. Things don’t escalate from there. It’s really weird to say the least. 13. The Forest Owner
Have you ever ridden your dirt bike through the forest and wondered what you might encounter
amongst the trees? You were probably thinking animals; but the
dirt bikers in this video met someone they hadn’t anticipated. Published by YouTuber, Braapers, in January
of 2015, the footage shows two dirt bikers stopping on the side of a dirt road in the
forest. Suddenly, a white car rounds the corner at
top speed and slides to a stop. A man gets out and, for some reason, one of
the dirt bikers rushes over to confront him. They start a confrontation as the other dirt
biker rides away up the hill. Then, for reasons unknown, he turns around
again and rides back down to the confrontation to join in. His biker friend is on the ground, and he
is then attacked by the man, who they claim is the owner of this here forest. The video cuts out after that. The uploader wrote that the man didn’t stop. But it’s unclear what happened in the end. If there were injuries or if they got away
without any more trouble, we’ll never know. 12. Night Stalker
In this video, published by Urban exploration in August of 2016, you can see a man in a
black hoodie standing very still outside near some steps. Looking down through the uploader’s window,
the creep appears frozen there. The video describes what happened:
“For the past 4 days, I have seen a man, standing in front of my building, wearing
a black hoodie, looking through the windows of my apartment. This video is proof as my friends & family
don’t believe me. This was recorded on august 22nd, 2016, at
around 3 a.m.” After a minute or so of footage of this creep
standing there, the YouTuber races out of the room, down the stairs, and to the area
to investigate. Only, there’s no one there, when he arrives. The camera scans around, but the stalker is
not in sight. Was he lurking in some nearby bushes? We can only guess. 11. Smashed Mirror
Everyone knows you must drive defensively when you’re on a motorcycle. After all, there’s nothing between you and
the pavement except whatever you’re wearing. And a helmet. But sometimes, no matter how defensively you
drive, you learn how little others value your life. Delta 394 learned that in July of 2017, when
he published a video of his encounter with a crazy driver. In the video description, he explained: “Guy
in the blue Fiat Panda tries running into me while cutting across lanes, I wasn’t having
any of it, decided I would confront [him] in the supermarket car park.” And he did confront the man, all of which
was caught on camera. The man claims the biker smashed his mirror,
while the biker claims he almost ran him over. As it turns out, the Fiat driver didn’t
like how the biker was driving, frequently slowing down and speeding up again. The biker then questioned what was more important,
the man’s mirror or his life. Most in the comments section seem to agree
that the Fiat man deserved every bit of that confrontation. Who was in the wrong here? What do you think? 10. Baby Stroller
This one is the thing nightmares are made of. Published in October of 2014, the footage
begins with a vehicle driving down a dark road at night. After a bit of driving, he comes across a
vehicle with its emergency breaks on in the middle of the road. The driver goes around this vehicle, but not
much further, he has to slow again, as there’s a man with a baby stroller wandering down
the road. He comes closer and closer. For some reason, the driver starts laughing. He puts the car into reverse. I’m not sure if laughing would be my first
reaction – or any reaction, for that matter. But he keeps backing up slowly, as the man
with his baby stroller continues to pursue. Then he starts running at them. He’s closing in. But the driver starts reversing faster. Finally, he loses the creep. As everyone in the comments section of this
video is asking: WHY? Why is this man pushing a baby stroller? Why down the middle of the road? Why late at night? Some in the comments were also a bit concerned. Savannah Rose wrote, “What if he had a kid
in there?” while John Garza posed a theory: “They are
trying to rob you ! seen this in corpus cristi tx !”
Whether this baby stroller man was trying to rob anyone or not, one thing’s for certain:
he should get another tactic. 9. Surprise! Imagine you saw a flicker of something out
of the corner of your eye. And that something turned out to be a scary
encounter that would haunt your dreams. YouTuber, All Around Lifestyle, published
this video in May of 2016, explaining: “We just got done exploring a huge abandoned car
park and, as we were leaving, I spotted something yellow laying on the ground.” But when he told his friends he’d seen something,
they were doubtful. “We started going down again,” he wrote,
“and this time someone or something started shouting at us.” What was this someone or something? A potentially crazy person, who started screaming
at the boys. A sound you wouldn’t expect to hear coming
out of a human being. And, like they said, they high-tailed it out
of there. Frightened, they raced to the roof of the
building as fast as they could. Thankfully, no one was harmed in the making
of this video. 8. Followed
Have you ever got the feeling that you were being followed? What if it were true? A YouTuber published this video of his experience
being stalked in Japan in February of 2011. In the video, he explains that when he turned
on his camera, this female stalker became interested in what he was up to. So, she started following him, despite his
rather roundabout route, which he was using to try and lose her. You can see the woman over his shoulder, dressed
all in black in a long coat with very pale skin. To make matters scarier, it’s raining. The gloominess results in heightened fear. So what is this woman doing? Why is she following some random stranger
on the street? Some even speculated this this man was in
serious danger. Whoever she is, I’d get out of there. And fast. 7. Crazy Lady with a Knife
Everyone has a smartphone nowadays. This means that, at a moment’s notice, any
scary encounter with a stranger can be caught on video with the press of a button. And broadcast to the world with a few more. YouTuber SavageSquad 1 published one of these
scary stranger encounters in November of 2016. He wrote in the video’s description, “Sorry
if (I) didn’t film the whole thing. I was running.” Running from what? The footage starts in the middle of things
and shows a group of teenage boys gathered on the top of a children’s toy at a park. A woman is seen approaching them in order
to confront them. One of the boys apparently had said something
rude. So rude, that she felt the need to threaten
him with a knife. Although the video didn’t capture the entire
encounter, it appears as though one of the boys said something about how he, himself,
was raised. He badmouthed his upbringing and his parents. The woman mentions this and then says to remember
that people carry knives. And she pulls out her little switchblade to remind
them. But once it is out, the video ends. We don’t know if there was a big showdown
or not, but from what the uploader said, the kids ran away. Can you blame them? 6. Freaky Stalker Guy
This list is full of stalkers, and they all seem to have one thing in common: they like
to stand still outside people’s homes. Especially after receiving a note that said:
“I’ll see you here after 6PM. Remember Mr. Slim”
A few hours later, he heard something – or someone – outside his house. Camera in tow, he peered out his upper window. There was a man standing on the sidewalk below,
wearing dark colors and what appeared to be a ski mask. As the boy dropped his camera to the left,
and then returned again back to the stalker, he found that the man had disappeared. So, he did exactly what none of us would do. He raced downstairs to go outside and find
the stalker. But the man was nowhere to be found. The boy said he was starting to get worried
and debating whether or not to tell his parents. Most in the comments section agree that he
should, while others offer more sage advice: “next time don’t go outside.” 5. People of Walmart
We all know them. The people of Walmart. But it’s not every day you run into one
who starts screaming in your face. That’s what happened to this man who pulled
out his phone to record this man’s erratic behavior. YouTuber Bakes 80 described what happened
in his own words: “Okay so…I wanted people to see how crazy this guy was. Excuse my language, but this guy was staring
and following me in Walmart for about 20 minutes.” This is when the uploader decided to record
the unfolding event. Pretending to be on his phone, he filmed the
man for about a full minute. The man was just standing across the way,
watching Bakes 80, just as described. He does appear to not be in his right mind,
as he turns to someone who isn’t there and starts talking. Then, the man walks up to Bakes and gets so
close, the YouTuber wrote that his hat touched his face. This was why he told him to back off in harsh
terms. He wanted the guy to know he was serious. The man responds to this threat by saying
he’s got “all the cop cars in jail.” When Bakes stands his ground, the man just
starts screaming, “Don’t threaten me!” in his face repeatedly. The people behind him stop dead in their tracks. Even this is too much for the people of Walmart. Then the man hurries away, but you can still
hear him shouting, “Don’t threaten me!” in the background. He’s captured again on camera, ranting and
raving as he wanders through the check out aisles, attempting to make his way out. A scary stranger encounter, certainly. But also pretty bizarre. 4. Asylum Encounter
If you’ve ever entered the grounds of an asylum at night – or any purportedly haunted
territory – then you know what YouTubers, The Proper People 2, were feeling when they
encountered this in the woods. Published in December of 2016, the footage
shows the pair driving down a creepy dirt road, surrounded by trees, with only their
high beams to guide them. They’re heading to the abandoned asylum
to explore it at the scariest time of day. Once they get inside, it’s clear they weren’t
the first to explore this haunting place. There’s tons of graffiti on the walls and
remnants of past visitors. While they’re exploring, one of the guys
says he hears rustling. Then at one point, when they film out the
window, he claims to see someone standing in the trees, although the person isn’t
clearly captured on camera. They decide to get a move on after that. But before they get in the car to leave, one
of them sees a light. He calls out, “Hello?” To no response. They agree it’s “too sketchy,” being
that whoever was out there wasn’t responding. The person could be laying in wait to rob
them. So, they jump in the vehicle to get the heck
out of dodge. Viewers gave their hot take on the video in
the comment section. Visceris offered up some good advice, saying
that if you’re exploring a place like this and you discover that someone else is there,
get out as soon as possible, making as little noise as possible. 3. Crazy Lady
3 Minute BoxJob published this video in April of 2016, writing, “This was the CRAZIEST
encounter we’ve ever had!!” The people encountered the woman while they
were driving. The YouTuber noted that the situation was
simultaneously crazy and sad. And the four minute video really is as crazy
as they come. Some highlights:
She also leaned so far inside their vehicle that it looked like she was trying to join
them. She started showing them her rings and telling
them they’re real. The guy in the passenger seat was coaxing
the woman, laughing, telling her she’s crazy and that she needs a nap. She leaned very far in again, and he wondered
aloud what was going on. During her next strange string of nonsense,
she said she ate a lot of mustard gas. When the guys finally drove off, they were
just blown away by whatever that was. 2. Toxic Meltdown
What happens when a child opens his mom’s Camaro car door in a Target parking lot, and
it accidentally dings a guy’s car? Well, things escalated quickly, and that’s
what happens. At least if you run into this unfortunate
lady. J Rios published this video in September of
2016, writing: “Her son accidentally dings my car. No big deal, but after I inform her of what
had happened and requested insurance info, she proceeds to deny what had happened and
resorts to verbally [attacking] my wife and I in front of her two kids and my boy.” And that appears to be exactly what’s happening
in the video. The woman is seen storming all over the parking
lot. As the man’s wife is on the phone to the
police, she’s screaming in the background, “They’re lying!” Amidst her rant, she asks her son to show
her where he hit the car. And after she wanders off, her son does admit,
“The door landed right here,” while pointing out the dent on the man’s car door. J Rios has also updated the video descriptor
to answer some questions for the audience. He tells us that, despite the drama-filled
six minutes of this video, the scene ended very anticlimactically. The cops arrived and gave him information
on how to file a claim if need be at the auto body shop, but they didn’t care about the
video, even though he had a witness who confirmed that the crazy woman had struck him. He says he can’t blame them, because the
woman was still going off when they were there, and even resorted to telling the police off. After taking his vehicle to the shop a couple
days later, the shop verified that the dent could be fixed with paintless dent repair
for less than $100 – a cost so low that he wasn’t going to file a claim. Especially since the woman’s son told her
the truth, and she just didn’t want to hear it. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
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we upload every Tuesday. 1.911 Call
Have you ever had a night stalker? Andrew J. Neis has. He published this chilling video in May of
2011. The footage is of a man, dressed in a black
hoodie, standing outside his bedroom window. The uploader appears to be located on an upper
floor, and the stranger is standing below it, in plain view, staring up at the window. In his video description, Andrew explains,
“In the spots where the audio cuts out, I did that myself because I was telling the
911 lady my name, address, and phone number & didn’t want the personal info online, especially
not with this weird guy outside.” He tells the 911 operator that the man has
been standing there in the alley for about 30 minutes, basically right in the middle
of the road, just staring up at him. As many in the comment section have noted,
the scene is terrifying. Some suggest to open the window and ask him
what he’s doing, though I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. It is unknown what happened after the recording

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