Things You Didn’t Know About Feeding Time! – Simon’s Cat | Cat Logic #7

Hello I’m Simon, welcome to Simon’s Cat
Logic, we will be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do.
Today we’re talking about ‘Feeding’. Well, food and getting fed is such an important thing in a cats life that I had to do a film about it. The one thing I love about this film, it captures a lot of the little mannerisms that cats do when they’re
getting fed the way they get under your feet they get in the way, they’re so
impatient to be fed. That there’s loads comic value there to use in the film. Like most animals cats are very clued up into the things that happen immediately before they’re fed cats thrive from routine and they’re very clued into our routines, particularly around feeding time. Some cats are so clever, they can make
associations between particular noises and the association of food, there’s one cat
I can think of for example that knows the particular sound of tuna, so the
owner had lots of other tins that were larger tins make a different sound on
the work top, compared to the tuna tin that makes a different lighter sound. This way the cat knew when the
owner was getting the tuna out and would come running. Nowadays though it tends to be the sound of opening a pouch or rattling the biscuit tin. Many owners wonder why their cats
jump up on the kitchen worktops. In the video Simon’s Cat – ‘Feeding’ you can see Simon turn his back away from the cat whilst he is desperately trying to get the cats food prepared. Meanwhile Simon’s Cat is desperately try to get up there to try and get to the food you can see the frustration on Simon’s Cat’s face and it’s often because that’s where we prepare their cat food, so that’s why the
cat’s so interested. Equally we may have other items up on the kitchen worktop such as a freshly cooked chicken that’s just too tempting for that cat. So what I would recommend is actually
preparing the cats food in a different location perhaps even on the floor close
the cats food bowl to stop them jumping up on the kitchen worktops. Cats have an aversion to citrus, so be careful with the sorts of things you use to
clean their food and water bowls with and also most cats really don’t
like air fresheners particularly citrus scented ones. You can make feeding much more fun by
giving them items like feeding enrichment. Now this is where we
introduce enrichment toys if you like, ways of giving cats food other than
in their bowls so it’s much more interesting for them so they can use
their brains. Now we want to start off nice and simple like buddy here, he’s got
a cardboard egg box, as you can see it uses the cats different senses and also
provides mental stimulation and of course you can see this has got dry food
in it, so part of their daily allowance this is a really easy one to start off
with, and you can see here that Buddy’s got the hang of it straight away. You can
then build up in complexity of the enrichment items so from there you could
use a toilet roll pyramid. This is where you’ve got the sort of inner cardboard
tubes from the toilet rolls and you sellotape them together to form a
pyramid and then you put some of their dry food into the tubes. Now with feeding
enrichment it is important to actually show the cat how to use it, so just pop
your fingers inside the tubes pour out the biscuits, give it to the
cat, you do that for a couple of minutes and sit back and let the cat, sort of
tip their head and put their paw into the tubes, it is a lot of fun trust me it’s worth it. Just yesterday Jess was so impatient to
get fed, as she’s got a bit older she’s got more greedy, she wants food all of the time and she’s started jumping up onto the counter to almost snatch the
food before I have a chance to put it down. This happened after I made the film, it
was like seeing my films coming to life which is very strange.

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