The BEAST of the Diving Quarry?

(dramatic music) (upbeat music) (gentle music) – [Mark] Alright
Coyote what’s going on? – Well, we are on our way out to the Circleville Dive Center. For the past few months
we’ve been working on scuba dive training and we are about to
get dive certified. This is our last day of classes, our last open water dive. So we figured we would film it and we’re gonna head
out into this quarry looking for a giant
catfish today. Alright, now before we actually
go looking for the catfish we have to kind of finish
our dive certification first. So I’m gonna get my
BCD and my tank on. (puffing air sounds) Alright. Time to get certified. (gentle music) – [Man] And here’s your
temporary card da da da da. – Yes. Thank you sir. – [Man] You’re
more than welcome. – Got it! Whoo! Officially certified. Now let’s get back out in the
water to look for some fish. Alright, I’m all set. Let’s go find ourselves
a giant catfish. (gentle music) As we deflated our BCDs, or as they are
technically called,
buoyancy control devices, we sank beneath the surface and began searching for
this legendary catfish. For years I have heard
tales of this giant, and everyone that gets dive
certified in this quarry has their own yarn to spin. Some say he’s as
big as a school bus. One person actually warned me
that his mouth was so massive that my entire head
could fit inside. They say the Circleville
Beast is out there, and maybe he is, but so far the only fish I
saw were bass and blue gill. (dramatic music) – [Mark] Give us an update. What are we seeing? – Hold on a second. Let me blow up a
little bit here. Lot of fish. – [ Mark] Pretty cold. – It’s pretty cold down there. No big catfish yet. I saw some blue
gill and some bass, that’s about it. We got a lot of
clouds rolling in. Found some money spots, it’s pretty cool down there. Diving is definitely a whole
new world, that’s for sure. – [Mark] We go to plan B? – I think so. Plan B, I think it’s time
to draw in this catfish. – [Mark] All right. – Let’s see what happens? – [Mark] Let’s do it. We gotta get back to the dock. – Let’s head back
over to the dock and we’re gonna
break out Plan B. – I got it. – [Coyote] What is it? – A secret weapon. When it comes to finding the
biggest catfish in the pond. – [Coyote] Oh, Ball Parks! – There it is right
there, Ball Park hotdogs! – [Coyote] All right,
the channel catfish is North America’s most
numerous catfish species, and they can be found
in almost every waterway across the middle and
eastern United States. – [Coyote] Holy cow, dude. – [Mark] Did you see him? – [Coyote] The big
catfish is right here. He like immediately showed up. On average, a full-grown adult, like the Circleville Beast, tips the scales at
around 20 pounds. However they can get
significantly larger, with the current world record tipping the scales at 58 pounds. They have an incredible
sense of smell, and the minute that a
potential food source, even something like a hot dog, hits the water, these eating machines
will often swarm in and begin to feast. (dramatic music) For well over a century, the channel catfish has
existed at the center of big fish folklore, and it’s encounters
like this one that add a truth to the idea that monster size
catfish do truly lurk beneath the water surface. Well, I would say that was
a pretty successful day. Dive certified, and we even filmed a giant
catfish on this expedition. Mark’s still out there
swimming with the fishes, but I know I got some
really great shots. I’m freezing cold at this point, it’s getting a little overcast so I think it’s time
to get out of the water and get warmed up. Whoo! This was one wild adventure. For Mark and I,
– Yeah! – getting scuba
certified has been a goal since the start of our
Beyond the Tide series. There’s an incredible
world to explore beneath the ocean waves, and we can’t wait to share it with each and every one of you. If you live in Ohio and
want to get dive certified, make sure to visit
Aquatic Adventures and schedule your classes today. Ooh, man! That was a lot, I am whooped. Diving is not easy. But it’s official! Coyote Peterson
is dive certified. Now exploring in a quarry
here in Ohio was pretty cool, and that catfish was epic. But you know what’s more
epic than a catfish? Sharks. And I know everybody
out there watching is excited about all
the ocean creatures that are soon to come. I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next location. I need a warm shower. If you thought getting up
close with a giant catfish was a wild experience, make sure to go back
and watch the episode where I got slimed by
the giant black sea hare. And don’t forget,
subscribe so you can join me and the crew on
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