TASTE | “Feed Freaks” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

(sinister music) (squelching)
(screaming) (growling) (roaring) (upbeat music) (doorbell ringing)
(knocking) – Hey, I got your free sample here from Monsino Farms! Free samples. (knocking)
(doorbell) Get ’em while they’re hot. Well, they’re frozen, but, it’s figure of speech. (sinister music) (thuds) (upbeat music) (thuds) (banging) (sizzling) – Ooh, what’s that? – Free samples. I just dropped them
off to the whole block. – Wow. – Clover, Malcolm, dinner is served. – [Clover] I’d rather die. – Just one second. (sinister music)
– [Woman] Put them to the mat. And you know how to finish, no hesitation. – Hey, hun. (grunts) – Knock. – [Woman] Everywhere, if someone tries to get in the way of your dreams, you better knock that bitch out. – I already ate, so I don’t have to talk to they who will not be named. – They who are your family now. Come on, give them a chance. (grunts) – That kid is scared of his own shadow. – Well, now he has his big
step-sister to protect him. – How do I look? (sighs) – You look, like your mom. You could use a shower though. (grunts)
(laughs) (sinister music) (playful game beeping) – Malcolm, honey, put that away. – Mm, smells delish. Now, make sure to give
me your full reviews, I’ll pass them on to the new CEO. – They’re GMOs. GMOs cause cancer. – God, honey, I’ve never
tasted anything so good. – It’s so meaty. (chewing) – They make people more submissive and open to foreign influence. – What the hell is foreign influence? – Oh! – I don’t know, Russia, North Korea. (chuckling)
(chewing) – They’re like, genically
modifying our brains. (grunting)
(chewing) – Okay, I’ve lost my appetite. – The newly minted CEO of Monsino Farms, Priscilla Matthews, is leading a controversial rebranding of the company, producing a completely
new line of products. (growling) The CEO herself is shrouded in mystery. (screaming) Reports suggest a lab accident
caused a series of burns. (screaming) – No hesitation. No mercy. – [Man] Work out early, work out tremors. (lighthearted music) (sinister music) – Hello? (roaring) (eerie music) (roaring) (gasping) – Jesus Christ, Malcolm. What the hell is that? – It’s called the devil’s sword, idiot. It can cut through anything. – Cool, too bad it’s plastic. No, it’s not pla- (roaring) (sinister music) – Hang back here, okay? – Wait, wait, wait, don’t leave me alone. – Hang back. (grunting) (sniffing) – Dad? (growling) – Dad? (roars)
(screaming) – Dad, no, stop! (clanking) (screaming)
(growling) (glass shattering)
(grunting) (thuds) (growling) (grunting) (thuds)
(panting) (door creaking) (upbeat, intense music) – Clover. What’d you do? (busy tone beeping) Remember in Amenity? When the chemicals in the
food turned people’s skin red? Maybe this has to–
– Will you shut up? I need to figure this out. (sighs) Lines are jammed. We gotta get out of here. – Wait, I need to make
sure that my mom is okay– – No. (screaming)
(roaring) Look, I told you she’s sick. – I–
– Okay? Come on. – Wait. (car alarms blaring)
(dogs barking) (crying) (sinister music) – [Malcolm] Maybe we
should go to Hermit Jim’s, he’s prepared for anything, I bet that- – What, no, no, look, I’m not trusting that nut job, okay. The Henderson’s will
know what to do, come on. (screaming) (gasping) (growling)
(squelching) – No! (roaring) – Clover.
– What? (knocking)
(sinister music) – Look, the box. – Malcolm, please shut up. – Hello? – Hi, Mrs. Henderson. (sniffing)
(growling) – Clover, how’s the family? – Uh, fine. How’s Mr. Henderson? – He’s indisposed at the moment. – Oh, um, okay. (roaring) – No!
– Malcolm! (upbeat rock music) (growling) – Mrs. Henderson, please. (roaring) – Somebody help! (roaring) – This is just a video game. (yelling)
(roaring) (laughing) Jeez, This really is plastic. (growling) (intense music) – Now he’s got his big
step-sister to protect him. – You better knock that bitch out. You better knock that bitch out. – What? – I said you better knock that bitch out, knock, knock that bitch out. No hesitation, no mercy. (growling) (roaring)
(intense rock music) – Malcolm, get behind me. (growling) (clanging) (grunting) – [Clover] No, no! (screams) (roaring) (groans) (yelling) (grunting)
(panting) – You’re a really good fighter, you know? – No hesitation, no mercy, got it? Let’s go find your redneck friend. (sinister music) (chuckles) – Nope, no way, I feel safer out here with the freaks. Mm-mm. – Look, he didn’t eat it. Mr. Hermit Jim, we need your help. (roaring)
(screaming) – Okay, well, there’s no way
he’s letting us in, I mean. (scoffs) (creaking) – After you. (roaring)
(screaming) See, we’re going to be fine here. (chuckling) Is that a real… (sword zings) – What the hell do you want? – The whole neighborhood
has been poisoned, you know, I think it’s the work of the– – Russians! Ahhh, oh, maybe even the Chinese. (roaring) Door, go. (sinister music) This is my sanctuary. I’ve been stocking up on shotgun shells and canned goods since Y2K! Not to mention this little beauty. (chuckles) I told you all Hermit
Jim would save the day! I freaking told you. (yelling) (chewing) (gasping) (sniffing) (roaring) (door slams) – Hi dad. (sinister music) (roaring) (roaring)
(screaming) (hissing) – Go, go! Okay, these feed freaks
are blind, alright? – Okay.
– Take this, they move by smell. – So if your dad can’t smell us… – He won’t know where we are. – Hey, Clover? My mom’s not alright, is she? – Uh, look, stay here, okay? Try to be brave. Hey. Don’t worry. (hissing) (sniffing) (hissing) (grunting) (sinister music) (clanging) (roaring)
(screaming) (chewing)
(screaming) – Be brave, be brave. – No hesitation, – Be brave, – No mercy, got it? – Dad, stop, dad! (growling)
(screaming) Dad, no! Malcolm, you idiot, don’t! (yelling) (groans) (upbeat rock music) (grunting)
(thuds) (grunting)
(thuds) (panting) Hey buddy. – Clover, I’m glad you’re okay. – Yeah, you too. (lighthearted music) Alright, enough of that. – Yeah, gross. – Let’s hurry and tie him up. We’re going to get you help, okay? (dramatic music) (screaming)
(roaring) (sirens blaring) – [Man] All residents
evacuate immediately. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. All residents evacuate immediately. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. (clanging)

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