Cat Thief Asks For Mercy When Caught While Stealing Zoo Animals’ Food | Kritter Klub

What a mess.. Starting a few days ago, someone has been raiding our store Not even eating them all, but leaving leftovers..! In the zoo.. The culprit is nearby..! Suspect 1. Geese couple Come here We ain’t steal food! We da innocent geese! Hoomans, we dare you to catch us Gotcha.. Okay. That was smooth Read more…

Cat feed kitten – Oct 2019 – lovely cat Reactions

Cat Feed Kitten Cute cat lovely

Introducing Bengal cat to a new kitten for first time

this is Teego he’s an eleven week old brown and cream marbled Kitten This is Freya she’s a six-year-old Bengal cat Bengal cats are a domestic crossbreed from the wild Asian Leopard Cat and if the Daily Express is to be believed she’ll break through your catflap at night, and kill your own cats! so Read more…

Best Animal Videos of 2018 (so far) | Funny Pet Videos

Who’s your best friend? Who’s your best friend? Abby, who is your best friend? Oh, good girls!

Taxonomy: Life’s Filing System – Crash Course Biology #19

Taxonomy! It’s the science of classifying living things. That sounds exciting. Today we’ll basically be learning the Dewey Decimel System of evolution! It’s like filing! You must be on the edge of your seat. OK, shut up. When it comes down to it, this science doesn’t just categorize organisms, when you look a little deeper, Read more…