Zoo Song For Kids | Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs For Children By The Supremes

Oh daddy Say my baby Oh mummy Tell me boy When we meet Mister Lion What do we say Just say Hi HiHi We are going to the zoo zoo so many things we will do And play all day Me and mom and dad and you Oh daddy Say my baby Oh mummy Tell Read more…


Hurry hurry over. Come on Oh, I want coffee. Yes. Can you make me coffee? Thank you We stayed 24 hours and a cabela’s When you got you got a box All right, let’s bring it over here you pick it up Is windy out today? Oh Good job girls over here this way put Read more…

BACKYARD ZOO TRANSFER!! Doctor Adley has a new PET BUTTERFLY! Morning animal routine and check up

BACKYARD ZOO ROUTINE!! Doctor Adley takes care of her new pet animals with Dad (morning check up)

Box of Animals for Kids Learn Colors with Sea Animals Zoo Animals Farm Animals

Box of Animals for Kids Learn Colors

FEEDING BABY DUCKS!! ultimate family picnic at the park with Adley and Niko

Learn Zoo Animals 🐅 Animals for Kids 🐘 Toy Collection 🎈 Nursery Rhymes 🎼 Kids Toys 😀 Kids Fun

Learn Zoo Animals

Box of Wild Animals Zoo Animals for Kids Learn Colors for Kids

Box of Wild Animals Yellow brown lion Green crocodile Yellow and brown giraffe Purple hippopotamus Blue yellow white parrot White polar bear Well a brown monkey And orange and black tiger a Grey koala bear a Yellow cheetah a white and black Libra Gray elephant Red parrot Brown mousse We crocodile Gray of the Potamus Read more…

KiDS FiRST ZOO DAY!! Adley and Niko learn about Animals and have fun at a Water Park!

– [Shaun] What are you gonna get? – Some ice cream. – [Shaun] What kind of ice cream? – Maybe vanilla with no toppings and then that’s it. I want vanilla. Oh, I don’t wanna spill it. – [Shaun] That looks yummy. – Can you give Niko some? (Jenny laughs) (theatrical boom) – [Shaun] Mind Read more…

Niko rides BABY SPIRIT the horse!! Feeding farm animals!