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Hi, I’m Bob! Come let us listen to the animal sounds! Can you hear the duck go Quack Quack Quack Listen to the duck go Quack Quack Quack Can you hear the hen go Cluck Cluck Cluck Listen to the hen go Cluck Cluck Cluck Can you hear the horse go Neigh Neigh Neigh Listen Read more…

Learn Animals with Finger Family Song for Kids for Children Zoo Animals

bye guys let’s sing a song today I know finger family let’s sing a song with my fridge and finger elephant finger where are you here I am Here I am hi Ella found hi ponder Here I am Here I am how do you do Tiger finger Tiger finger where are you hey tiger Read more…

Learn Sea Animal Names and Zoo Animals Names Educational Video Toys for Kids

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Learn Colors With Talking Pets! Dog! Animals! Dragon, Tiger, Donkey, Owl! Dancing Surprise Eggs!

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* GORILLA * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV

Welcome to the jungle, Ed. A kingdom for wild animals. Bouncing bananas! Look at that! “That”, Ed, is a gorilla. I’ve read about them in stories. Oops, I think she’s seen us. She’s okay, Ed. Just relaxing in the treetops. And having a bite while she’s at it. Why not! The food’s good, the view’s Read more…

Zoo Song For Children | Animal Sound Song | Nursery Rhymes For kids By Junior Squad

One little two little three little four little Five little elephants Going through the jungle Crossed a long bridge One got bit by an ant “One two three four”counted their mother “Why only four of you?” The four little elephants scratched their heads and kept on walking through One little two little three little four Read more…

The Animal’s Dance | Kintoons Nursery Rhymes | Videos For Kids

The Animal’s Dance