TREASURE HUNT for GOLD!! Playing with Farm Animals and Adley Rides a Horse!

BACKYARD ZOO TRANSFER!! Doctor Adley has a new PET BUTTERFLY! Morning animal routine and check up

BACKYARD ZOO ROUTINE!! Doctor Adley takes care of her new pet animals with Dad (morning check up)

FEEDING BABY DUCKS!! ultimate family picnic at the park with Adley and Niko

WE CAUGHT A MOOSE!! Adley Learns to Feed Animals at the Family Cabin (first time for Niko)

– I Love the cabin (upbeat rock music) – [Shon] Holy (giggling) cow. – Hey there’s another secret way. – [Shon] More secret ones. – And more secret ways. And another secret way. – [Shon] That’s a chipmunk house. (Adley laughing) – See that one looking at me. There’s two mooses! – Holy This is Read more…

KiDS FiRST ZOO DAY!! Adley and Niko learn about Animals and have fun at a Water Park!

– [Shaun] What are you gonna get? – Some ice cream. – [Shaun] What kind of ice cream? – Maybe vanilla with no toppings and then that’s it. I want vanilla. Oh, I don’t wanna spill it. – [Shaun] That looks yummy. – Can you give Niko some? (Jenny laughs) (theatrical boom) – [Shaun] Mind Read more…