Dinosaur Animal Park Adventure & Fun Family Kids Trip to the Zoo

– [Aaron] OK Park Ranger LB, we’re here at the Zoo today on our day off. You excited? – [LB] Yeah! – OK. What should we do first? Let’s see. Ooh, look! It’s a sign! So do you wanna go to the parrots first, or the lions, or the restroom? – Hmm, Lions! – Lions! Read more…

Pet Peeves – Aarons Animals

Oh my gosh Mike got a lot of dishes to do gonna take care of those anytime soon here we have the living room and youll see mike you ready hey mike have you by chance seen my toothbrush *background sounds dog barks michael, keep it down

Trick or Treat – Aaron’s Animals

*Children’s laughter* *doorbell rings* *Children’s laughter* *meow, cat opens door* Trick or treat! Thank you! *meow, cat closes door* *doorbell rings* *cat opens door* *woof* *woof* *doorbell rings* *woof* *hissing and meowing* *doorbell rings* Trick or treat! He’s so cute! Thank you, so cute, Happy Halloween! okay, bye Hey Michael, have you seen my charger? Read more…

Employee of the Month – Aaron’s Animals

Ok, everyone let’s gather over here please! Ok, everyone gather around, I am very excited to announce, the employee of the month for june is… Phill! Everyone I am so excited to announce our employee of the month of july, and it is… Michael!! Wait! where is Michael Michael? wow!