Super WEIRD animals watching SINGAPORE ZOO 2019 | The LAST white tiger!

They’re above us right there Hi guys, welcome back to my channel This video we are at the Singapore Zoo one of the top three zoos in the world We have actually been walking around a little bit and see this see that. This is actually not The best weather you could come to the zoo, but oh well We’ve actually been enjoying it so far Raining a little bit then it stopped and then it starts raining again but This zoo actually have something like .. really really cool animal Something you would never have a chance to see it elsewhere.. White tiger ! right here like last white tiger in the world No more. It is going to be an extinct which is sad Now let’s experience some of the animals together here in Singapore Zoo So we actually just Like this.. (It’s open!) And right in front of us right there Alligator snapping turtle.. Big one.. Also the zoo divided into the zone that have like Africa, Asia, Australia.. What is the most interesting you have seen today Probably baboons. Yeah, Same, I love the baboons But like I was actually disappointed a little bit because in Thailand.. Not zoo But maybe like in the elephant sanctuary you call it elephant sanctuary? You can actually watch the show of the elephant where Elephants do this do that, but not so sure if that’s good for the animals But! Over here They have just like the time to feed the animal like many kinds of animal They have the schedules so that you can go there buy some fruits and feed them.. That’s it So right now they’re feeding this great white Great white what? Great white pelicans So they’re feeding it right there Feeding squid? Fish.. ? Steve Irwin crocodile wrestler Too bad, he died to a sting ray These Urang Utans, they actually have pretty much almost the same fingerprint like us here Zebras stripes are built to be a different to flies because flies don’t like those two colour patterns That’s why they have way less flies on compared to a regular horse Is usually carry their prey into the trees and a lot of times the hyenas, and lions will come and steal lionesses will come and steal their food if they drop it and That will contribute to them not being able to breed well either That’s it for today so It was actually like a really Good and enjoyable zoo We’ve actually learned a lot. It’s not just animals for you to see what is this. What is that. But they also actually make you aware how bad the animal and wildlife situation is right now, so that You probably have to be More conscious about it. It’s like really pretty really big area and all this green.. 3.5 hours Yeah, we spent actually almost like four hours. Check it out you guys I hope you guys enjoyed! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Channel and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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