Sleep-Deprived Dog Has A Nightmare Every Night | Animal in Crisis EP46

A dog tries to take a nap Falls asleep But then.. The dog starts to scream.. Perhaps he’s having a nightmare.. He keeps barking in pain.. Noori~ He gets up at someone’s call Noori~ It’s alright.. The lady tries to calm him down But he’s still in pain.. Seems like he’s not very well At that moment, she gets up Noori, get up Noori stops barking and gets up He seems to have calmed down.. Perhaps she’s his owner? Informant/ No, he’s not my dog From 2 months ago, he was left alone in the parking lot So I’ve been feeding him sometimes Then he followed me to here Noori was skinny when she first found him And was wary of people The reason why she couldn’t ignore him was.. Because of this deep wound At first, the wound was very serious The side of his body had a deep wound Noori was injured His legs seem uncomfortable He looks fine while walking But when he stays still, his body starts to *shiver* What happened to Noori? He obviously looks very exhausted.. He tries to get some sleep Can’t sleep peacefully.. Starts to scream with his body trembling Wakes up from a short nap Don’t know if it’s because of his illness or a nightmare It breaks my heart As he can’t sleep He can only nod off while sitting down The night comes Tired Noori heads to his blanket Shortly after he fell asleep.. He starts to cry out again Perhaps he couldn’t calm himself after waking up He gets up And finds a spot to sleep in the bush As soon as he falls asleep.. He wakes up again All night long.. He keeps waking up from the sleep, over and over How painful it would be.. The sound continues in the morning.. Can’t even walk straight Stumbles.. Flops down at last.. What’s teasing him so much? According to one of the customers, Strange people abused Noori with a stick Noori was a stray dog Being abused by mean people A vet arrives to help Noori Vet/ Noori is helpless and exhausted His whole body and legs shivers These are all symptoms of troubles in the neuro system Noori feels the pain during the sleep Why? Vet/ The fact that he’s barking as if he’s in pain During the sleep or before that Is very unusual For anxious Noori, puts a stabilizer in the meal Once he feels at ease Bring him to the hospital And gets him a medical checkup Though it was a short time, I really got close to him Hope he gets treated well and lives happily Transported to the hospital To figure out the exact cause He went through a thorough examination His legs shiver due to the aftereffect of the measles, Causing troubles in the central nervous system But what’s not understandable is that The measles is not the only reason why he could barely sleep, Noori’s nightmare has to do with a mental issue Rather than a physical problem Vet/ There’s a 10cm-long wound in the chest, and 6cm-long in his belly He must have been injured seriously back then With infections on them Only a one-year-old Noori Had to suffer unimaginable pain Vet/ When you’re traumatized at such a young age, those memories last for a long time In the worst case, it lasts forever During the day time, he can be wary of people and avoid them But once he falls asleep, he can’t help but become very anxious Noori is always anxious and sensitive Can he ever sleep in peace just for one night? Drug treatment to alleviate the aftereffect of the measles Aromatherapy to ease Noori’s tension Relaxing aroma-oil massage Expert/ Are you relaxed? Is it good? Noori looks relaxed The light is used as another treatment Vet/ Some people feel better when looking at a certain color Or feel at ease. It’s psychological effects I thought this would help Noori to feel more comfortable The treatment utilizing the wavelengths of each color Indigo color with the calming effect is perfect for Noori Spray the aroma scent in the navy blanket Turns on the indigo color lights Perhaps he gets sleepy.. Noori lies down on the blanket He couldn’t fall asleep out of fear For the first time, Noori falls asleep peacefully The noise around him doesn’t disturb his sleep.. Looks like he’s having a sweet dream Vet/ He didn’t tremble his body or scream while waking up As he’s improved in a short period, His symptoms had to do with his living environment So, if he finds a place where he can stay calm under the care of a good guardian His condition will get way better During the long stay in the hospital Noori has a better relationship with people And finally, Has a new family As Noori is not familiar with a leash The family gave a wide space to live in Adopter/ I heard that Noori is sensitive to noise So I prepared this for him The new family waiting for Noori Built a new house with love for Noori An expert came to help him adapt to his new home Expert/ As he hears an unusual voice from new people He’s very anxious because he has trauma His biggest fear is a stranger harming him The family makes space for him Shortly after Noori comes out Expert/ Remember not to stand in front of him Come slowly Don’t face him, and touch slightly As if he knows that he’s going to have a new family Noori doesn’t reject the stranger’s hand Expert/ Noori seems to feel at ease As we didn’t approach him right away and took some time to touch him Expert/ Rehabilitation treatments matter the most to Noori To alleviate the aftereffects of the measles Increasing muscle mass is very important Noori starts to open up to his new family A girl who visits Noori is.. The informant who looked after Noori for a while Informant/ Did you miss me? Adopter/ I’ve never seen him wagging his tail like that The informant couldn’t adopt him for some reason Informant/ What a nice house~ PD/ With soundproofing She sheds tears of relief After the hardships, Noori will be happy Informant/ Live well~ It’s really good to see him I wanted to see him for the last time Noori had to suffer pain caused by people But from now on With love from his new family Hope he only has sweet dreams forever

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