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Sea turtles are turtles that live in the sea. They
can be found in most oceans. But they especially love warm shallow
water. Male sea turtles spend their whole
life in the sea. So they’re great swimmers! Their flippers are perfectly designed to
glide them through the water. Females are great swimmers also and only go on the land to lay eggs. They lay lots of eggs in sandy beach nests. When the cute little turtles hatch race to
the water. Look at them go! What else can you notice about the sea
turtle? That’s right sea turtles have hard shells protection. Their shells are very strong. Did you
know? That a leatherback sea turtles grow big.. That they are as heavy as a small car? Longer than a grown man! And can swim as deep as a submarine.
Sea Turtles eat everything from sea grass to jellyfish! But sometimes they confuse plastic bags with food. So be careful where you throw your


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