Schleich WildLife Crocodile Jungle Research Playset Plus Animal Toys

Welcome to RaceToyTime Hi guys, RaceToyTime here! today I am going to show
you this fun Schleich wildlife crocodile jungle research playset this set comes with a crocodile’s skull that can be opened and closed and also this includes
four animal figures okay let’s open up this box so we can start building here
I’m gonna build the look out here is the crocodile skull rock then let’s put the
look out on the rock here’s the secret door now I’m going to build the research
station and here I’m gonna make the winch here’s the net the here’s the research
station and here I’m going to build enclosure here’s the crocodile skull rock then, let’s hide the treasure chest here and also let’s put this skull in
here then let’s cover it and here at thelookout there’s a secret passage to the
treasure chest let’s take off the upper jaw and I’m going to show you the secret
compartment then let’s hide the gold coins now let’s set up the crocodile jungle
research station let’s put the enclosure under the station let’s remove the roof
so we can put the accessories inside here’s the plates cups a map a cellphone, it’s all nice. and also
here’s a secret door to the ground let’s put the hammock right here this is where
the Ranger sleeps let’s use the winch to bring some stuff upstairs let’s find out what’s inside the toolbox we have a laptop and binoculars here’s
the sitting logs campfire tripod hanger apot shovel taxe and torch here’s the chair the Ranger and these
are the animals that came with the playset we have here a small asian elephant here’s the black panther here’s the orangutan and here’s the crocodile now let’s add some more animals here is
a big Asian elephant here’s the tiger and here’s the leopard okay well, i hope you guys enjoy that Schleich wildlife
crocodile jungle research playset if you do don’t forget to subscribe and
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you for watching stay tuned bye bye

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