San Diego Zoo – Which Animal is the Cutest?

it’s a day we are at a special place what is this what is this place called the San Diego Zoo it’s one of the nice things about living in Southern California there’s so many things available especially the world-famous San Diego Zoo come this way come this way better lion doing a Bronco kick for some reason right there which one’s cute what do you see Jess it’s just doing laps hey Jess would you order it’s a I think kids milk comes with a cool little bag that’s so cute Jasmine this is what I ordered looking good I think it’s called the barbecue burger thank you is it tasty so I was talking to jazz off-camera and I told her what the title with the possible title and thumbnail might be of this of this video what did I say was gonna be the day Jazmin got drunk at the zoo do you think you could put one of them in your purse and take him home if you had a choice between the jury I can’t even take a drink it’s so tall yes do the splits if you had a choice between the giraffe and Beto Beto the seal which one would you take home these things could carry you do you think about the Rhinos an armored truck they’re very aggressive would you rather have this or the giraffe what is you mean that donkey did the doctors at a zebra it’s like the ones in Mexico where they got donkeys painted as would we find the flamingos flamingos you’re gonna have your else which one’s your favorite jazz guys need money which ones you think is BJ it was that one guys are lazy just sleeping how you liking the zoo trip now so far all the beautiful creatures of nature around the world yeah we saw the sawed Osmania double we saw some crazy birds we saw these birds the koala koalas were awesome they were napping they’re lazy they’re sleeping all day and probably eating and partying all night and koala discos pay money to see that oh yeah she is hammer are you hammered she’s hammered right now look look how big the margarita thing is let me see and how many refills you’re gonna do on that one and how many have you had three already no that’s your first one and what okay Jess do you want Betty Betty Tom the giraffe that Rhino the my leaving something out that looks awesome oh yeah the koala or one of these penguins which one would you rather take home the Koala is the top of the line the end of the road yeah like lazy little runts in a tree oh how you say penguins Spanish that is a cutest word I’ve heard you say all day so if the penguin habitat got just a few little dudes hanging out and what’s very interesting is in this nice cool water there’s a shark it’s gone it’s a shark waiting for one of these penguins to come in there for dinner that guy has been waiting for penguin lunch all day ate the penguin already no he didn’t eat it but they were swimming together other buddies so when you got there Jess we hold him another one the first one was red this one’s a line how does this one taste really good on a scale of one to ten how hammered are you hakuna matata for the rest of our days it’s a problem free philosophy we found an elephant as it’s a nice little enclosure any memories let’s see the ears take the skytram in about a minute do you get nervous when going fear Heights no problem keep moving I was here are you doing on that second margarita let’s take a look let’s check that thing looks empty yet it’s on a scale of 1 to hammer how hammered are you what is that over there the the reptile we serve the reptile being a petting zoo and I think the monkeys maybe I don’t know so des is just telling me that she likes snakes yeah you like the snakes and I am really excited seals tortoises some of those things are hundred plus years old I can’t wait I think I think if I had a choice I probably want to write it a torta T I probably won’t write a turtle over every other animal I wanted to write I didn’t well I think it’s a close tie between a turtle or me sorry a tortoise and an elephant how about you the tortoise yeah me too you think they sell tickets that right those tortoises are shooters oh they’re heavy I’m sure they could carry another yeah I usually weigh about 200 pounds roughly maybe they could carry me no poor babies 400 year old baby tortoises you can’t hide from me tortoise and you can’t run from me either I don’t know if it’s a baby take a closer look at this guy let me inspect are you a baby we have ways of making you talk I don’t think this one can hold my weight but I think one of the bigger ones might we found one of the giant turtles then looks like just a huge rock with the head sticking out of it I guarantee that thing could take my weight oh I’ve talked to about writing turtles around here do you want to take bit Veneto Padova Tito do you wanna take a koala a penguin a turtle or one of these alligators home with you the koala wins ding ding ding ding ding we went throughout this whole zoo and the winner the last animal standing is a baby little koala bear alligators like the cuddle except they like to curl you with with their mouths and on your neck and on your head if you liked this video and should give a thumbs up please consider subscribing I’ll be making some more videos which appreciate it goodnight


  1. Abel XL May 2, 2019 at 1:07 am

    I want to go back and see the rest of the San Diego Zoo!!!!

  2. Jazz Fappani May 2, 2019 at 5:27 am

    Awwww 💕 cant tell whats my favorite part! If the picture of las longitas from Beto Betito, the cutness of the Koala, my progress of the margaritas, hakuna matata 🎵or the beautiful and romantic scene behind the waterfalls…🐻🐰

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