Safari Animals for Kids | Zoo animals for preschool and kindergarten

The cheetah is the fastest animal on land.
They can run as fast as a speeding car! Elephants are the largest living land animal
on Earth. They have thick, grey skin, large ears, and a long trunk.
Gazelles are fast and graceful animals with two slightly curved horns. They eat grass
and leaves. The giraffe lives in Africa. Because it has
such a long neck, it can reach its favorite food, the leaves of the acacia tree.
The hippopotamus, sometimes called a hippo, loves to swim in water. The will sometimes
hold their breath and walk on the bottom of a lake or river.
Lions are very large cats sometimes called the “King of the Jungle”. Males have a very
bushy mane which makes them look extra big and scary to other animals. They are also
known for their loud roar. Rhinos are extremely large plant eaters which
have a big horn. They like to wallow in shallow pools to stay cool and munch on the plants
growing in the water. Zebras are close relatives of horses. They
are covered in black and white stripes and live in Africa.


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