Rare images of blue whale feeding behavior

Well blue whales are the biggest animals on
Earth and it’s amazing their ecology how they have to make a life in the ocean feeding on
the smallest, well some of the smallest animals in the ocean, these little bitty krill. We were lucky enough to film a surface lunge
feeding blue whale which was really remarkable. This is something we often see from the boat
and we see these splashing and we can tell the animals turns on its side but with the
drone we were able to get this remarkable new perspective so yes so here we see the
animal recognize that there’s a big krill patch, he turns right towards turns on his
side pumps his flukes, opens his mouth and just lunges right for it and it’s just an
amazing sequence of events. So we know that these animals have huge energetic
demands because they are so big but it takes a lot of energy every time a blue whale opens
its mouth it’s like putting on the brakes so it slows way down. So these animals have to make decisions about
what’s worth opening their mouth for. So this is this some pretty cool sequence
here where you can actually see the animal look at a krill patch, turn on its side like
it might feed on it open its mouth right here, but then it decides nope not worth it and
he sort of just decides to keep going and moves right on past it. The animals don’t notice that the drone is
above them there so it’s a great way to film their behavior without disturbing their behavior
at unlike other aerial methods which like a helicopter or a plane that can’t hover or
makes a lot of noise. These animals are living and feeding within
an area where there’s lots of human activity. There’s oil and gas operation, there’s a seabed
mining permit application going on, there’s a lot of vessel traffic, so amongst all of
that activity these animals need to be able to find their food and feed efficiently so
the more we know about how they’re finding food and what makes good food for them it’ll
help us be able to manage their population and make sure that human activities aren’t
impacting them too much.


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  3. Project South Taranaki Reef Life April 19, 2017 at 6:21 am

    Absolutely stunning!! I had no idea krill congregates in this manner – such that it is visible from a drone! And it makes a lot of sense about energy v reward – thank you so much for this amazing footage and the explanatory comments:)

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    Just fantastic!!

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    What a majestic beings!!!!All the best to them!

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    pero enfoca a la ballena comer la concha de tu madree

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    Amazing footage!

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    Really cool footage. Thanks for showing us 🙂

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    ok, now everyone is talking about "Blue Whale" and this appears, thx for making dis funny

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    Wonderful, thank you so much for sharing your fascinating research and beautiful imagery.

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    Poor krill.

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    reminded me of slither.io

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    awesomeness!!. Magnificent animals.

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    when even opening the month is too much work for you…

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    Proof that Blue Whales are sentient beings who thing before they open their mouth.

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    Why did they focus more on its tail than the krill patch while it was eating?

  19. Pat Stokes April 21, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    I've always wondered what these eggs heads mean when they talk about "management there population". The whales in the 1800 & 1900 century also managed their populations. It doesn't mean anything. It just another word for intuiting on some poor animals life. They should say managing human activity, which they are not going to do..

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    Awesome drone video ! Will vegetarians protest to protect the krill? Cow farts today, krill tomorrow.

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    hmmmm, what a smell of suicide

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    God's creations are indeed stunning. How marvellous!

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    Yet one more brilliant use of drones. Thank you so much for the explanation.

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    It's Big we all know but we don't see the clear perspective up from the sky….So it would be cool if someone puts different animals/or daily objects beside these beasts ( in animation, duh ) to teach and make us understand about the massive size lurking beneath the ocean

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    That was beautiful, thank you. Don't stop, the world needs to see the beauty of these animals before its too late.

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    I have no words to describe how angry I am.

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    Amazing footage but why on earth did somebody feel the soundtrack was more important than the narration?

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    Great video! But next time, hire a sound engineer! I can hear RF dropouts, I can hear clothing rustle, the lav mic is in a poor position and muffling the voice. And then post sound made no effort to fix any of those issues. dasilvasoud.com next time 😉

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