Playmobil City Life Toy Wild Animals Large Zoo Building Sets Videos

Welcome to Racetoytime! (Peacock pecks Minion, Minion shouts) Hi guys! Racetoytime here. Today I have another Playmobil City Life playset
and this is a large zoo which comes with figures, animals, and fun accessories. Okay, let’s get started and let’s open up
this box. This comes with 175 pieces that makes a fun
zoo playset. First we’re going to build the entrance to the zoo. So this is the turnstile at the entrance. Here’s the flag that says “zoo”. Then we’re going to decorate the entrance
with animal signs. Okay, this is where you put your tickets or
your card in so you can get inside the zoo. Now that we’re done with the entrance gate,
let’s build the penguin habitat. It’s done! And now we’re going to build the souvenir shop. Finally, the shop is done! And later, we’re going to put some stuff here And now we’re going to build the enclosure for the lions. Here’s the animal enclosure for the lions. This is the sign. that says the scientific name for the lion, Panthera Leo. Okay, here we’re going to build the wagon for the baby Here we’re going to build a big clock and a sign. Here, we’re going to build a tree. And here, one of the fun accessories in this play set, the balloons. And here we’re going to make a cash register for the shop. Here we’re going to put some stickers for the snacks. This is the balloon holder. We’re going to put some stuffed animals in this box Here’s a camel A giraffe A rhino And a lion Cute stuffed animals! And this is for the post cards And this box is for the snacks Oh, these are really cute! And these are the animals that came with the play set We have a lion. A lioness And a cub. The are movable. Their heads can move And you can also move their legs Next, let’s check out the penguins. We have a mama penguin, and daddy penguin. And these are the babies These are really cute animal figures. And here we have the prairie dogs. And these are mice This is the pelican. It’s actually movable. Except the wings And here’s the peacock It’s so beautiful. So those are the animals that came with this playset Now, let’s go to the figures This is the zookeeper That’s his hat. And there’s another zookeeper. Here’s a dad. And this is the wagon or the stroller for the baby. Here’s a tote bag. And here’s the milk for the baby Here’s a water bottle for the dad Here’s the mom. The son. And the daughter Here’s a camera for the girl. To take some pictures of the animals Oops! I almost forgot The hat for the baby Now, let’s set up the zoo. Here’s the bucket And we’re going to put some fish there for the penguins. Here’s fish for the penguins (Ending of play set #1. Start of zoo playset #2) (Minions speaking) “I love the zoo” “I love animals” “Yeah, let’s check it out” “Ooh, lions” (Reading sign)” Panthera Leo” “Monkeys!” “Pongo Pygmaeus” “BANANAS!” “Mmmmm. Bananas” “Don’t go in there! You crazy?” “Bananas” (Monkey howls at Minion) “Ooo, Ooo! Ahh, Ahh!” “Let’s go!” Do you like going to the zoo and seeing some animals? Well, here at Racetoytime, I’m going to show you this Playmobil City Life, city zoo This play set comes with animal figures So, let’s get started and open up this box. This play set comes with 91 pieces and stickers That make a fun and exciting zoo set Okay, now let’s start building First, we’re going to make the main gate So we can make our way to the different animal areas Here’s the main gate You enter through here so you can get to the animals And now, I’m going to make the fence for the animals Now that we’re done with the fence Let’s build trees so we can give shade to the animals So this play set comes with three figures. This is the zookeeper, and he’s wearing his uniform And this is a lady, and she has a pink handbag. And here’s a little girl Okay, let’s make a wheelbarrow The zookeeper uses this to keep the walkway and the animal areas in good shape. And here’s the pitchfork Here’s the zookeeper and he is ready to work And let’s put a trash can at the main gate This is a fun play set because it comes with animal figures So, we have a lion A lioness, and a cub. Here’s an orangutan And a baby orangutan Aside from these animals we have chimpanzees A big one, and a small one A zoo is not complete without any bird And a snake Moreover, this also comes with hay And bananas Okay, now let’s set up the zoo This is where the three lions stay And, I’m going to put the hay here And here’s a piece of meat for them Here’s the lioness And a cute, little cub Actually, it’s cool that you can move the heads and legs of these animal figures And this is where the orangutans and chimpanzees stay Here’s the baby orangutan And it’s hanging on the tree And I’m going to put the bird right here And here’s the snake Here are the chimpanzees Actually, you can put the baby on the back of the big one. Here they are! They look so cute! And, oops, I almost forgot! You can put the chimpanzee on the fence And then I’m going to put the hay here And the bananas More hay…. Here’s the zookeeper Now the people are going to explore the zoo And here’s the little girl with a popcorn Hi guys! Racetoytime here! Do you like going to the zoo? Well, today I’m going to show you this Playmobil children’s zoo First, let’s build the shelter Now the shelter is done Here’s the rock formation with waterfall We’re going to decorate this with plants and flowers Now we’re going to make a bird house Then, we’re going to put a water wheel here Now let’s check out the animals that came with the play set So we have sheep Pigs goats And we also have some birds and ducks So these are the figures We have a lady here and three kids Now it’s time to set up the children’s petting zoo Here’s the shelter and the rock formation with waterfall Now let’s set up the fences for the animal enclosure Here it is Now the animals can’t get out of the petting zoo Oh, by the way, I forgot to put the waterfall here Here’s the feeder for the radish Carrot And hay Now, let’s set up the zoo Here’s a goat A bench Here’s the lady A pig Here’s another pig an apple a little boy and here’s the treat for the animals Here’s a trough for animals to eat or drink out of And here we’re going to attach a bird feeder Then let’s put some ducks on the pond Okay, thank you so much for watching our Playmobil videos collection. 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