PLAYMOBIL City Life Toy Safari Animals Zoo Building Set For Kids – Build and Review!

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hey Guys! Racetoytime here! Today I’m excited to show you this awesome Playmobil animal zoo playset Okay, now, let’s build the zoo The zoo building is done Now let’s make the small pond Next, let’s make the trees And now I’m going to show you the accessories Here’s the bottle warmer The milk is for the baby animals Here’s the weighing scale. This is to weigh the baby animals And here I’m going to make the wheelbarrow Here’s the carrot, Cabbage, We have here the table Hay, The broom, pitchfork, Water trough, Feeding trough, hay, And some other accessories Here’s some animal feed And a balloon And these are the people that came with the playset Here’s the zookeeper, And the visitors Here are the animals. Here’s the baby giraffe, Zebra, Two adult pandas, baby panda, baby gorilla, And this is his diaper Spider monkeys, We also have peacock, parrot, And a toucan Here on the side we have bunnies, butterfly, hedgehog, Some lizards, and a baby tortoise Now, let’s set up the zoo Here’s the baby elephant. Let’s put it in this encolsure Here are the pandas Let’s set up their enclosure And here I’m going to set up the enclosure for the baby gorilla And the spider monkeys Here are the giraffe and the zebra Let’s put them together with the elephant Here’s the small tree for the hedgehogs And the bunnies Oh, let’s not forget the birds! Let’s set up the table Oops, I almost forgot the butterfly! Now, let’s feed the animals The zoo is now ready. Let’s open the gate Okay, well I hope you guys have enjoyed this Playmobil playset Subscribe to Racetoytime channel And also click that bell icon to get notified every time I upload a new video Before you go click on those thumbnails on the screen to watch more fun videos in this channel Thank you for watching and stay tuned! Bye, bye!


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    Hello everyone! Thank you for watching our Playmobil Zoo Playset build and play video. Which animal is your favorite in the playset?

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