Living Like An Animal

– Pinky, I’m not in the
mood for a scary movie. Let’s go get something to eat. I’ve always just been totally blown away by the different ways
that animals can move. I discovered these walking stilts. Which I felt like were
going to get me closer opportunity to feel what
it might be like to run as an ostrich or hop like a cricket. Animals adapt to be able
to thrive and survive in their environment. So as a result, creatures
like these spiders are able to climb and stick
to incredible surfaces to be able to capture their prey. They’re like the real
superheroes of the planet. Nature has it’s own music. You know the rain falling, the wind rustling through the trees. Our own heartbeat, I mean it’s a beat. Animals have their own rhythm. There are certain spiders
that can do a particular dance or hit their strands of silk on their webs in a particular manner
that sends a communication to another spider. Before I started working with animals I was on a path to become an illustrator. I’ve always been obsessed with art. And I try and create
art that can remind us of what it was like when we were a child and we saw something
we’d never seen before. So my pieces have this
real organic flow to them, and movement, this life energy. All right let’s get you back. Sweet girl, there you go Pinky. All right. Lets get you you’re solid. Here you go Herman. I’m sure you’re ready for that. There you go bud. All right How you doing honey pie? Let’s do a quick health check. How’s my woma python doing? Beautiful as always. I have a couple mice for you later. This is Lucy my Australian sugar glider. When she spreads out her arms and legs she’s got her own built in gliding system. I’ve always wanted to be able to do that. Fortunately for me,
there’s a way that I can. Having learned to fly just
gets me a little bit closer to what that might be
like for that glider. Popping off that tree and
gliding through the air. Just a taste, of that taste, is awfully sweet.

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