Learning Colors with Zoo Animals for Children

Learning Colors with Zoo Animals for Children Well that boys and girls together colors and wild animal name let’s get started One drop Let’s stir the blue up Bluh Hey One drop And let’s stir it up Pink next is yellow Let’s give our yellow stirred-up Yellow Now we have orange States two drops of orange one, too Let’s get those two drops stir it up Orange and our last color is green One drop Green So we have blue Pink yellow Orange And green Brown monkey Let’s put the brown monkey all right in the middle in our blue water Now we have a gray elephant Our gray elephant is going to go into our pink water in the back Now we have the orange tiger Orange tiger, it’s gonna go up front in the yellow water Our brown and yellow lion Are you brown and yellow lion is gonna go into our orange water? Stand up Now Purple hippopotamus, please put the purple hippopotamus into the green water Riaan crocodile came in the blue water with the monkey Yellow giraffe is gonna go with the elephant in the pink water Red parrot, he’s gonna go quit the orange tire in the yellow water Great koala bear let’s put him into the orange water with a lion And Our last animal is a white and black zebra He’s gonna go in the green water with the Potamus Thanks for learning all these great colors with me and all these great wild animal names Please subscribe and I’ll see you next time. Bye

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