Learn Sea Animals and Wild Zoo Animals Names, Learn colors – Educational Video for Children

[Kids cheering] [Music Old Mcdonald] [magic chimes] [Bubbles] Clownfish [Bubbles] Octopus [Bubbles] Zebra [Bubbles] Elephant Lion [Bubbles] Crocodile [Bubbles] Stingray [Bubbles] Shark [Bubbles] Bull [Bubbles] Sea Turtle Puffer fish baby elephant [Bubbles] Ladybug Snail [Bubbles] Seal Squirrel [Bubbles] Duck [Bubbles] Mommy duck [Bubbles] Baby lion [Magic chimes] Starfish [Bubbles] Seahorse [Bubbles] Pig Sheep [Bubbles] Chicken Giraffe baby chicken [Bubbles] Penguin [Bubbles] Rabbit Rhino [Bubbles] Turtle Fish [Bubbles] Bee [Bubbles] Hippo [Bubbles] Fish [Bubbles] Rhino Whale Puffer fish Red fish Orange crab [Bubbles] Blue octopus [Bubbles] Panda bear [Bubbles] Ladybug [Bubbles] Blue penguin [Bubbles] White dog Yellow fish [Bubbles] [Magic chimes] Pink fish Thanks for watching be sure to like and subscribe for more fun videos

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