Learn Colors With Wild Zoo Animals Names and Sounds For Toddlers

Bear Rabbit Crocodile Horse Ram Cuttlefish Giraffe Duck Zebra Seal Dog Shark Chicken Camel Manta Ray Ladybug Cat Horse Hippo Dolphin Duck Giraffe Sea dragon Sea turtle Orca Bear Squid Octopus Elephant Baby frog Lobster Crab Fish Starfish Frog Cow Duck Red ladybug Yellow giraffe Orange frog. It’s mommy frog This is her baby. Yellow frog Brown sea turtle Black and white cow Orange crab White rabbit Pink turtle Green crocodile Orange camel Blue cuttlefish Yellow chicken Green dolphin Pink horse Orange lobster Green fish Blue duck


  1. Mia & Dom November 22, 2019 at 9:41 am

    What a cool video friend 😁👍

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