Kitten Takes Care Of Her Mom’s Corpse | Animal in Crisis EP18

Oh, it’s the sound of a cat A pitiful sound is heard from somewhere As we approach the place we hear the sound from Oh, she’s over here A small kitten ran inside an alley And… Next to the kitten… is another cat.. She used to live with her mother but I didn’t see the mother lately so I was worried I kept hearing cries so I followed the kitten once The cat is suspected to be the mom and the kitten is crying next to her What happened? At that moment The kitten comes out of the alley We check the mom through the gap The mom is already a corpse The kitten drinks dirty water and goes back to her mom as if she’s unaware about her death The kitten digs into the lifeless corpse She’s grooming her mom Is she unaware about her mom’s death? The kitten grooms the lifeless body I think she’s grooming her mom She must think that her mom is still alive The kitten thinks she’s alive? Yes Sharing body temperature with the mom’s lifeless body The kitten embraces the mom with her tired and small body If I come over to bring some blankets and something warm for them since it’s cold, I can’t approach the kitten because of her wariness When someone approaches, the kitten runs away Oh dear There is small window near the banister – Window?
– Yes A small window on the side of the alley The kitten is over there. Don’t go The kitten can get injured jumping from this height The kitten is avoiding people we can’t approach her easily The kitten is looking after her mother while on an empty stomach Night falls and as less people are present outside, the kitten comes out of the alley She enters someone’s house – Where?
– Here She’s here Oh! She’s eating What’s she eating.. The kitten is eating soil from the flower bed As soon as she senses people nearby the kitten runs away The kitten has a piece of meat in her mouth and returns to her mother Did the kitten want to give meat to the mother? The alley is dark and the kitten is looking after her mom How long can she endure this? The vet comes to the location Vet: The kitten kept calling her mom without knowing that the mom died so the kitten must’ve been shocked since the mom isn’t responding but the kitten is staying here because she’s unaware about her death The kitten was waiting for the mom to show some movement Vet: There will be a problem changing her environment but it’s also a problem to continue keeping her by her mom The kitten can get bad effects from staying beside a changing and decomposing corpse We can’t leave the dead mom and kitten this way We cover the window in case The vet goes inside the alley The kitten runs away after seeing someone A resident was blocking the alley We caught the kitten! She looks very surprised You’ve suffered many hardships I’m about to tear up How touching We recover the mom’s corpse Vet: Looking at the full stomach It looks like she passed away a week ago The kitten cries upon seeing her mom Please take her quickly. I can’t stand this Looks like she’s calling her mom The kitten can’t accept her mom’s death It looks like she’s calling her mom She has to live without the mom now.. The kitten goes through an examination And an autopsy is done on the mom in the meantime Why did the mom die? Vet: The stomach was full of plastic I think she passed away because the intestines exploded from peristalsis Something strange was found in the kitten’s results too… Vet: The kitten is very skinny but her stomach is full of things She didn’t eat anything but the stomach is full of dirt and rocks The cat has to say goodbye to the mom Can she handle this goodbye.. The kitten tries her best to approach her mom and goes in her embrace The last moment… We place the blanket covered in mom’s odor in the place where the kitten will stay It’s time to say goodbye The kitten can’t keep her eyes off her mom The mom’s death was too sudden for the kitten to accept Vet: Usually, cats go their own way and create their own space but it seems like this kitten believed and followed the mom a lot The mom was everything to the kitten We sincerely hope… the kitten that experienced an unwanted goodbye… will find happiness

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