KiDS FiRST ZOO DAY!! Adley and Niko learn about Animals and have fun at a Water Park!

– [Shaun] What are you gonna get? – Some ice cream. – [Shaun] What kind of ice cream? – Maybe vanilla with no
toppings and then that’s it. I want vanilla. Oh, I don’t wanna spill it. – [Shaun] That looks yummy. – Can you give Niko some? (Jenny laughs) (theatrical boom) – [Shaun] Mind trying some of Daddy’s? – Oh! – Adley’s just getting
back from swimming lessons. We have a really good day planned. – What’s going on? – Roar!
– Ah! What’s with all the animals? – Wait, why are there
all these animals here? Hm, where do you think
we’re gonna go today? – I don’t know. – Where are there lots of animals? – Do you think we’re
gonna see an owl there? – Whoo! – Hoo, hoo. – I bet we’ll see a fox and a bear, maybe a really big bear. – What about a cougar? – Probably. – What about a pig? – I bet there’s a pig there. – What about a reindeer? – Maybe, where do you think we’re going? – Maybe to the zoo! – [Parents] The zoo! – Niko, we’re going to the zoo! – I think we’re going to the zoo and we’re gonna see a unicorn there! – That would be awesome! – [Shaun] You guys look like the monkeys in the zoo right now. What are you guys doing? Okay, let’s go, come on. Niko, come on. Go around the foot, good job. Wow, that walk, the hands are always up. Those are my clothes. Jenny asked me to take them upstairs no less than three times. I’m really gonna do it now. Yeah, good job buddy!
– I wanna go to the toy room. – Hey! – [Shaun] No, not the toy room! We gotta go get clothes on!
– Get some clothes on. – [Shaun] He’s escaping! Let’s get our clothes on so we can go to the zoo! You guys should do a race. Who can get their clothes on first? Niko’s almost gonna win. His legs are too chubby. – I won, I won! – [Shaun] Yay, Adley won! She beat you, Niko. Good job. – Whoa. – [Shaun] Nana, you ready for the zoo? When was the last time you went? – When my kids were in school.
– [Shaun] Wow. – Elementary school. – I think I was that kid
in elementary school, so that’s how long it’s been for me. You guys are animals. Let’s go take these
animals back to the zoo. – Yeah. We’re playing don’t wake the bear. – [Shaun] All right, where are we? – At the… Hey, I am gonna tell you guys something. – [Shaun] What? – When we were driving to the zoo, we saw a reindeer go cross the road. – It’s true, except for the
rein part, just the deer. It was pretty cool. – Yeah, it was pretty cool. – [Shaun] Does he have sunscreen? Babe, you beat the game, good job! – I did, now we have to
transfer that bear in to there. – [Shaun] Oh no, the next level. – Whoa, look at those giraffes! – [Shaun] Whoa! – They’re ginormous! – [Shaun] Do you like giraffes? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Should we do
giraffes very first? – Look at this ball! – Hey Adley, I see you on the ball. – Yeah, hi.
– Hi. We should do the giraffe thing first. – Okay. – That’s the stuff we’re
gonna feed the giraffes. He’s gonna eat all those vegetables. Hey, what’s that? – I don’t know. – That’s a big bird. That’s an ostrich, pretty cool. – There’s even a little
small one of those. – Yeah, what’s the striped one called? – A zebra. – Yep. – [Jenny] Holy cow, there’s the giraffe. – Hi. – [Jenny] He’s so close to us. – He’s way close. – Don’t drop the vlog. – Yeah, don’t drop the vlog.
– I’m not gonna drop the vlog. (mumbles) You don’t have to… – [Shaun] Oh, good job, Niko. Oh, he’s hungry.
– Do that again, no? – [Parents] Whoa! – [Jenny] Hold on to it. Perfect!
– [Shaun] Oh, good job! (laughing)
– [Jenny] Good job! – [Shaun] Yeah, good job!
– He licked me! – [Jenny] He licked you?
(Adley laughs) – Bye, giraffe!
– Bye! – [Shaun] Good job. – Niko, you were so brave, bud. – I can’t believe he was
the first one to do it. – He was the first one. – [Shaun] Adley, you were so brave. – Let’s go see all the new animals. – I can’t believe she did that. – She was very nervous
about feeding the giraffe. – I don’t want to feed the giraffe. – Okay, how about I
feed him and you watch? – Okay. – It was the same as skydiving. We were like, “You don’t have to do it, just if you want to,” and then at the end she wanted to do it. She’s brave. – (mumbles) Whoa, see that bird? I think that belongs to the zoo. – [Shaun] Whoa!
– What? – [Shaun] He flew away. – Oh, let’s get going. – [Nana] Who is that? – Lion King. – Can you say, “Roar!” – [Shaun] Is he nervous? – Yeah, he is. – [Nana] Are you a little
bit nervous, buddy? – Oh, do you see the tail though? – I got a drink out of that lion when I was a kid, like a picture. – You can drink out of the
lion’s mouth, let’s go! You’re drinking like a giraffe. – Monkey, there’s a monkey right there. – Do you see the monkey? – [Adley] Monkey, monkey, monkey! – Wow, that’s pretty cool. Did you go to the next animal? – Yep, let’s go see polar bears next. – Polar bears?
– Yeah. It’s a polar bear, look at it. – Wow, he’s so big. Fun fact, that really is
one of my favorite animals. I’ve always liked bears and this bear. Polar bear, Niko bear, Momma bear. Shauny bear, Adley bear? – Sister bear. – [Shaun] Sister bear. – [Jenny] That’s Niko in the winter. – [Shaun] And in the summer. Look how white he is.
– [Jenny] Yeah. – [Shaun] Niko, you
look like a polar bear. – Nom, nom, nom, nom. – [Shaun] Hey, where is he? – He’s hiding. – [Shaun] Hey, where’d you go? – [Jenny] There he is, peek-a-boo! – I think he’s playing hide and seek. – [Jenny] Yeah?
– [Shaun] Maybe. – [Jenny] Oh, he’s getting out. – [Shaun] Bye, bear.
– [Jenny] Bye, bye! – I bet that feels so good. – [Shaun] Yeah, I do too. – He’s drinking, look
at it, he’s drinking. I bet he’s hot. – [Shaun] Yeah. (Jenny laughs)
– He likes it. – [Shaun] Are those elephants, Niko? (energetic music) – [Jenny] Hi. You wanna sit and look? That’s pokey! We are not very hot. He loves the water. – [Shaun] He really does. Adley, watch out! Whoa, do you wanna get wet? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Cross it and
see if it catches ya. (“Pop Goes the Weasel”) – [Shaun] No, babe no! (laughing) – Well we got so wet. – [Shaun] You got soaked. – Yeah.
– I got really wet. – [Shaun] You did, let me see. I think you got the most wet. You’re the winner.
– [Jenny] Yeah, she did. – [Nana] It’s like she didn’t know what to do, so she’s like… – Full panic, I love it. – [Jenny] Here he comes,
look Niko, right there. Whoa, he comes back. Whoa, hi, buddy! They’re so happy. – Oh, he put his head up.
– [Jenny] Hi, look at this. – Hi, hi, hi, hi. – That was so cool. He’s going down the slide. – Down the slide, woo, woo! I want my otter to be a spirit animal. My spirit animal to be an otter. – [Shaun] You have an otter and you want him to be your spirit animal. – Yeah.
– I just want an otter. – The otter’s over here! – [Jenny] Adley, we could
just fill up the skate park. Should we do that?
– The otter could live in the skate park, let’s do it.
– Yeah. – And put some branches in there for it. – Yep, otter park. – Yeah, oh he’s so cute. – I know. Should we put otters in the skate park? – Yeah, oh, they’re gonna
go down the slide again! – [Jenny] They are so cute. – They’re so cute. – [Jenny] Adley, start
walking so Niko can. – [Shaun] What’s up? – [Jenny] Babe, come on. – Oh, hi vlog! – [Shaun] Hi.
– Hi. – [Shaun] Hey, are you coming? Whoa, good balance. (Niko grunting) Good job, buddy. He’s so cool now that he can walk. I mean he was cool before, but now he’s like extra cool, you know? – [Jenny] Holy cow, hey he’s coming under. – [Shaun] He’s coming under. – [Jenny] Here he is. – [Shaun] Whoa. – Dad, don’t drop the vlog. – [Shaun] Okay, I won’t drop the vlog. (Adley singing) – Whoa, that’s a big, I see another one! – [Shaun] Whoa.
– That’s a big one. Whoa, a baby one, whoa! – [Jenny] He’s loving this. – [Adley] Whoa. – [Shaun] Yeah.
– [Jenny] Look, holy cow. – [Shaun] Wow. Do you see another Niko bear? – Yeah, there’s a bear. – [Shaun] Right there, paws up, buddy. Look, I have paws just like you. – [Jenny] Oh my gosh, it
was a little baby bear. (energetic music) – [Shaun] Hi. (energetic music) – [Jenny] Holy cow. – [Shaun] There he is. – [Jenny] Oh my gosh. – [Adley] How cute, he comes! – [Jenny] He’s cute.
– [Shaun] Whoa. – [Parents] That’s a tiger. – [Jenny] So he’s like Rajah. – [Adley] Yeah! – [Shaun] Rajah from
Aladdin, Jasmine’s lion. – We should see a cheetah now. – [Shaun] Let’s do it. – Cheetahs are very fast. I really wanted to see him run. – [Shaun] Come on,
cheetah, wake up and run. What do they do? – Run really fast. – [Shaun] How fast? That’s how fast cheetahs run? Wow, that was really fast. Niko, do you like this mist? Hey, hey Niko, buddy. Look at that hair. Oh yeah, look at your hair, buddy. – [Jenny] It’s shady,
what about right here? – [Shaun] Right here,
this is the picnic spot. – (mumbles) – What? – I was gonna move that fan towards us, but that’s like a super heavy
duty fan, not happening. Oh, that feels so good. Babe, that feels so good. It shoots water at you. – Does it? – [Shaun] I really need
you to experience this. – This feels great. – [Shaun] Hey, you got your own fan? – Yeah. – [Shaun] I like that. That one’s mine. Adley, what do you have? – I got orange and
pineapple, apple, cherries. This, my sandwich with my name on it. – [Shaun] Hm, what’d you get, babe? – Peanut butter and honey. – [Shaun] Me too, thanks Momma. Momma packed the lunches. Hey, are you spraying people? – Hey, don’t get me! – I get them wet.
– [Jenny] She didn’t even turn the fan on, she’s just spraying. – [Shaun] Stop. Oh, that feels good.
– You wanna dry off vlog? – [Shaun] Thank you.
– There’s that, vlog. – [Shaun] What are you gonna get? – Some ice cream. – [Shaun] What kind of ice cream? – Maybe vanilla with no
toppings and then that’s it. I want vanilla. – [Shaun] Can I get a twist? – [Cashier] Yeah. – Oh, I don’t wanna spill it. – [Shaun] That looks yummy. Thanks, cheers. – Can I try yours? – [Shaun] Yeah, do you
wanna try chocolate? – Hm.
– [Shaun] Yummy? – Yum. – Can you give Niko some? – (mumbles) – You wanna eat it with your hand? (Jenny laughs)
– [Shaun] Whoa. You wanna try some of Daddy’s?
– [Jenny] He liked it. Oh, we are making messes. – [Shaun] Is that cold? He likes it. – [Jenny] Can mom have a bite? – [Shaun] Mine, no, no, mine, mine, mine. – I was scared ice cream was
gonna get shoved in my face. – Hey, you don’t remember us but we watched you get a bath earlier. – [Shaun] Hi.
– It looks like you, you got dirt again. – [Shaun] Yeah.
– [Jenny] Look at his ears. – [Jenny] That’s how you know
it’s an African elephant, cause the ears look like Africa. They’re like, yeah, yeah,
the shape of Africa. – Did you learn that today, babe? – [Shaun] I did, look at
that shape of Africa ear. – Hakuna matata. – [Shaun] What a wonderful phrase. – It means no worries. ♪ [Shaun] Ain’t no passing craze. ♪ ♪ It means no worries. ♪
[Adley] No worries. ♪ [Family] For the rest of your days. ♪ ♪ It’s our problem free philosophy. ♪ ♪ Hakuna matata. ♪ – Right here.
– [Jenny] Right here, okay. Okay. – Oh, I probably wanna sit with Dada.
– We’re ending the zoo with a train ride. – I probably wanna sit with Dada. – [Shaun] Hey.
(energetic music) Does that feel good? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Nants ingonyama bagithi baba. Niko’s a king.
– Does he like it or not? – [Shaun] That was a
fun day babe, good job. – That was way fun. – [Shaun] Niko, do you wanna end the vlog? – Bye.
– [Shaun] Thanks for watching. – [Parents] Bye. (upbeat music) – [Family] Hakuna matata, hakuna. ♪ A-weema-weh. ♪ – Yeah. – That was great, good job guys. We’re a musical family.

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