Introducing Bengal cat to a new kitten for first time

this is Teego he’s an eleven week old brown and cream marbled Kitten This is Freya she’s a six-year-old Bengal cat Bengal cats are a domestic crossbreed from the wild Asian Leopard Cat and if the Daily Express is to be believed she’ll break through your catflap at night,
and kill your own cats! so this is the story of how the two cats
managed their first week together Teego spent his first three days in a separate room with Freya sniffing at the door he’s a confident kitten and unusually had no fears about exploring
outside his room he looks around this new area and bounds down to explore further Freya is watching from a safe place
and is NOT impressed! However, she shows no desire to leap down
and attack this intruder! but won’t take her eyes off him Teego barely notices this as there are
far too many shiny things around for him to be bothered! their first face-to-face meeting goes very well Teego’s playful bounce over gives no hint that he could possibly be a threat Freya’s still the boss, so she hisses,
just to make her point Teego carries on exploring apparently unworried by Freya’s hissing and growling after a while, Teego pops back upstairs just to double-check his safe place is still there Teego’s boisterousness is always present
and slippery floors can be awkward Fortunately, all of Freya’s signals and body language are more nervous curiosity rather than anything aggressive she doesn’t want to be friends just now
but she’s certainly interested and curious as she’d simply leave the room if she really didn’t like it as youngsters do, he’s always pushing his luck he doesn’t mean any harm he’s just overwhelmed by all the fun things to do down here for a moment he even forgets about Freya Freya however, is still fascinated the following day Freya is still trying to teach him who’s boss when he strays too close without paying attention naturally Teego takes this is an invitation
to play after a couple of days of this we’re starting to think that Freya might
be enjoying this little brat a tiny bit but she still wanders around grizzling so nobody thinks she’s gone soft the next day shows further improvement but Freya’s not going to give in THAT easily! Teego seems obsessed by Freya’s tail which will probably end up teaching him a lesson
about curiosity, and cats. both cats are now really showing signs of play the fights are mainly friendly but freya forgets her own strength every now and then sometimes, little kittens just don’t get the hint that playtime is not always wanted little Teego can’t seem to understand
how she doesn’t want to wrestle ALL the time! maybe a game of Queen of the castle will solve the problem? another day passes, and even Freya is initiating play fights now! As the days pass the fights become more playful and soon, even Freya realises that having a baby brother could be the best thing in the world

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