Greece’s zoo animals affected by controls

Capital controls and Greek debt… NOT something
animals should have to worry about. But that’s the reality for the residents of
Attica Zoo in Athens. The zoo’s founder, Jean-Jacques Lesueur, has
requested EXEMPTION from austerity controls, which have left him unable to pay for imported
feed for the animals. As his stocks deplete further, he’s unable
to replace them and until now, he’s had no RESPONSE from the Greek finance ministry. “We consume about 50 tonnes of frozen fish
per year, for our dolphins, seals and pelicans, our penguins, so this comes from Holland and
it will have to be paid cash in advance. Right now, we can’t do anything. Our account
is blocked, we cannot get money out of the country. We are going to be out of stock in
the next week.” Anteater mealworms from Britain and frozen
herring from the Netherlands are amongst the dwindling supplies. Some foods can be replaced locally, but they
would lack critical vitamins, additives and proteins. “I do hope we will get the authorisation to
pay and get them in, because we are speaking about life and death for certain animals.” There COULD be relief in sight, as it’s hoped
banks will RE-OPEN Monday, after the ECB have increased EMERGENCY funding for Greek lenders.

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