Furless Dog Has Complete Transformation After Being Found | The Dodo Reunited Season 2

Went four-wheeling tonight. Middle of nowhere. On the salt flats. And got cut short because I had to
do a little rescue mission for this guy. Probably been out there forever. He’s safe now, huh? One evening I noticed something
running down the trail. I wasn’t even sure I was looking
at a dog in the first place. You could tell she
was just famished. There’s no way I was going to move her. We’re going to get you some help, bud.
It will be okay. I took her to Utah Adoption Animal Clinic where they stepped in, and took
the challenge of rehabbing her. That’s definitely something that
gets me emotional. So I just want to see her be happy. – Kelly, when I first saw her, actually
looked like an armadillo. Our daughter, Whittney, and I
went into the rescue to volunteer. We asked if we could see Kelly, because we kept hearing about her,
but we hadn’t got to see her yet. There’s our girl. She’s so sweet. Right when I came around the corner there was this
little, nearly bald dog. Kelly had no fear. She just stared into my eyes. And from that moment I couldn’t wait to
be able to pet her, and love on her. I just didn’t have any fear. I lay on the floor with Kelly, Hi Kelly! Hi baby girl! Oh, look at you, how
pretty you are. [Kelly whines] Oh, say hi! – Hi sweet baby! Hi sweet girl. Look how pretty you are. You’re
just a doll, aren’t you? – She’s just the sweetest dog
in the whole world. – She’s getting her eye meds. She’s such a good girl! Just a little bit of fuzz. Little patches right here. – Do you want to come home?
[Kelly whines] You want to come home? Do you want to come home with us?
[Kelly whines] Yay!
– Look at her tail! Kelly jumped up on the table
and sat right by the papers. Like, I’m ready to go home now. – Welcome home Kelly! – From the minute we opened the front door, she just fit in right away. – Come on! There’s your brother.
Yeah! Kelly, come here. I think Rocky is very excited
to have a sister. – Rocky is an 80 pound Golden Doodle. Rocky basically took her by the hand,
walked her through the house and from that moment
they’ve been inseparable. Matt saved her life. And he, with love in his heart, put her in his vehicle and
brought her to safety. Which we’re so grateful for. – It’s nice to see that she found a home
that is very grateful to have her. – Come here! This is Kelly’s little gray robot, and this is her goldfish tennis ball. These are well loved, but
these are her favorites. This is one of her famous
things she does. She just wants her head in your lap,
and she wants to be pet. She’s sniffing the jammies that she
wore at the rescue, huh? – You want to go for a walk?
Okay! – Kelly has been just so
at ease in our home. Today’s the day that Kelly
meets Matt for the first time since she day she jumped into
his vehicle and he saved her life. It’s really a special day. Probably going to
be an emotional day. We’re super excited
for the reunion today, because we want to let Matt
know how grateful we are for everything he did to help
bring Kelly into our lives. – What I hope happens today is I just
get to see how happy they all are. Just to be able to know that
there is some closure with it. Knowing that it is a fairy tale ending
and she found her forever home. I’m going to make a special little
stop though to get her a little toy, and meet up today
and have our reunion. – You want to go see Matt? We’re not sure what Kelly’s reaction is
going to be today when she sees Matt. But maybe she’s actually
going to remember him for all of the great
things he did for her. – Oh my gosh. Oh man. Kelly! Kelly, oh my god! You’re so different!
You look so good! Do you remember me grabbing you? You didn’t have any fur. You looked like a plucked
chicken when I found you. Good girl.
You’re a good girl. You’ve been living it up,
haven’t you? Look at that fur. Oh my gosh,
so soft. Oh, it’s surreal. I knew I was going to tear up. – I know! We have been
all day today. – Oh goodness. Knowing that we’ve
come full circle, and she’s back into
the condition she is now, it’s the fairy tale ending
to the story. You know what’s crazy,
is that following week was like the biggest
snowstorm we had. She wouldn’t have
made it past that. What you guys have done is just — We couldn’t have given her what
you guys have, so God bless you. – The emotions are so raw
because of what you did for her. Because we don’t know how it
would have turned out otherwise. – Oh, you little warrior! – Any time I’m feeling down
I think about Kelly, and it just lifts my spirits. It’s nice to see that
she found her forever home.


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