Feeding Time in the Kelp Forest!

🎶 The Kelp Forest feeding happens twice
a day—we jump into the water all geared up to feed all the fish some delicious
sustainable seafood. I’m the pizza delivery guy: I show up,
the fish know it’s feeding time! [underwater] Here I’m just going to try to feed these sharks. You can hear the gasp of the crowd outside
they can’t believe that you just had your fingers that close to the leopard shark. *crowd gasps* But my experience with them is that they’re like little puppy dogs… *Dramatic music* [underwater] What we often hear is some leopard sharks and other sharks have this bad reputation…. Excuse you! That is just so rude! There are a lot of different personalities in this exhibit. When the giant sea bass opens up its mouth, sucks in that shrimp, it’s like sinking a three-pointer from halfway across the court! Just throwing it up in the air, everyone’s watching it go, and the crowd goes wild! *crowd exclaims* There are a lot of advantages of getting into the exhibit to feed the fish. I can check up on the animals, see how
they’re doing, and especially I know which animals are eating which food. Hand feeding the fish make sure that everyone gets a slice of the pizza. [underwater] It looks like the big male sheep in here is interested in grabbing a bite. [dive show narrator] Do you folks all see the fish Patrick is mentioning? It’s a big black fish with an orange stripe right now it’s right below him.
[Patrick] Whaddya think, buddy? There ya go. Awesome! My favorite part about working at the Aquarium is seeing people make a connection with the ocean that they didn’t have before.
A kelp forest is a hidden treasure beneath the waves. There’s this
incredible world that people just…you wouldn’t think is there. When we see the
canopy of the kelp forest from the beach, it just looks like some brown algae is
floating out there. But once you go underneath that canopy, you see hundreds of species of fish, invertebrate, algae and then all the seals and sea lions and
dolphins that are feeding on those animals. When you come to the Aquarium
it’s like being at the Visitor Center for that kelp forest outside! I can see
that sparkle in the kids’ eyes realizing that there’s a whole other
world that they can explore, and it’s just really an amazing moment to be able
to put on a show. To see connections being made with that next generation of ocean
steward sitting in the front row staring up at you–that’s the moment that really
makes all of the work that goes into the feeding show completely worth it!

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