look guys I thought I would show you
guys her oompa-loompa head it work it’s look it’s some kind of hair squeegee
you’re shopping for girls there’s no okay I didn’t say there’s no
room we’re spoiled there’s a whole lot of room in here
but towels are big and take up a lot of room so that’s all I need from hair you
should be grateful that I don’t have seventeen towels in here cuz then they
have to get hung up to dry because I can’t put them up cuz it’ll get stinky
I’m so grateful yep let’s go we’re we’re gonna we was
here to load yesterday we’re going to Seattle yeah but but anyway we’re going
to Seattle and we’re gonna it probably won’t be
ready but we’re always ready look I got coffee and steaks though let’s go pick
you that and we’ll talk about it we’re talking about something didn’t matter it
might not matter about anything oh we can talk about her butthole what how well there’s been a slight change of
plans there’s always a slight change of plans
that’s right we’ve been here for thirty hours right we get decently overpaying
all that so I’m not complaining we didn’t get your ID the bikes like I
thought we would we can get here too late
then we got did you jump a winch made a funny noise you might have a winch
change coming up I might have a winch to change the video coming up not me I’m
not the wind but anyway we were getting ready to load for for Seattle and they
said Oh share your plans take this to the airplane take it to Rickenbacker so
hopefully the next footage will be Rickenbacker being unloaded plank unless
it’s too late which it’ll go somewhere else build up still go to Rickenbacker
yeah it gets on the plane we just don’t directly live it sometimes sometimes it
goes to us oh here they come how many comes but then we’re coming
back and we’re gonna load that Seattle load ah yeah that messes up some other
plans I’ll tell you about later developing rattle
in here I might have to take the – part
I don’t know offensive rattle or make it worse for me we’ll probably
make it worse the National Park where my I am we got a load
to Washington and hopefully we’re gonna live back it was so hard and I don’t exactly know why it is we’re
private peg we’re just – and it takes forever you don’t know
each other and we tried different and didn’t marry see there’s liquor on it see they’re run faster
I just thought all out of frame and everything ladybug it’s gonna go on the wrong he’s told me
that I shouldn’t put him out because I hate blue the lady let’s to the rock
first but I’m gonna put them somewhere like on the ground we’re totally not –
indeed they blow the latest not containing absolutely so I have to
get rid of the ones I have some of them have the year 2019 them I have to get
rid of those drops even 80 something I really want to be
I love Halloween Oh slightly because
we’ve been riding motorcycles I have to ride motorcycles while weather sneezing
is for the way that this tolls I’ll have also it’s time to paint your optical
drive motors things Motors knuckle-dragging windows for now
but I’m gonna fight I have different shapes in whatever I love you I’m here to do a little my amazon order
before we go through go it’ll be there is that what you guys do
my order with your two-day shipping before you get home
Schneider trip going down the road about four feet I’m in a rest area but anyway
I got distracted I’m stuck I’m so horrible at doing these balls because
when he needs to leave me I spend my time hammering him and if I got brain
Parkman he just stopped and then I can make fun of him and then he tells me
something back and that’s how it works for myself I just I have Finnish migrate by about ten or fifteen
more minutes I’m not grab me Oh okay putting out the rock guys Rawlings
Wow ta it’s gonna be right here I don’t know why she makes these rocks
for these are really cute here it is here’s the ladybugs that go
on they’ll be there too if she glued them down I would agree with it she just
wants me to sit them there okay it’s the south part of the lot there’s all of
those barriers over there in the corner and this is the next barrier sitting
here all by itself

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