Farm Animals Learn Names & Sounds Video for Kids To Learn – Animals for Baby

the phrase is Sophie look we have a family thing jumpy
members can guess what kind of animal this is that’s right there is a big
family and three more sheep goats and a mouflon
is standing together is the father another and two brothers
of sheep next here is a baby town is family they
are dairy cows Wow this is a rabbit this is brown
squirrel and here comes another rabbit and this place is for the rabbit get off the car this is where the flock
of chickens and that’s will stay don’t you hear the sound of the roosters
just will keep their hands and Here Come three Braille horses a farm is very large very helpful the
blackboard so you put run away I love our new house
this is a fox it has an arch and another homage box two puppies a leader of a
mansion funnily this is Sarah
she’s a feller the dogs are really friendly Sarah this is Calicut and she’s
clearing or so it’s lunch time let’s beep the animals this is rice bran for the base we are
pouring them all over the trough these boxes they live in here these are
somehow the Sheep and some more haze for the kills even the horses and obviously the rabbit
is one of Herod’s the arch carrots let’s take a pause at the farmhouse
again how many animals do you remember you can leave your answers on the
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for watching see you guys in this videos


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