Donkey Mom Is SO Excited To See Her Baby Again | The Dodo Reunited

Colonel Sanders had, like, really bushy hair. He was really cute and really tiny. He was rescued along with
his mother, Mary Poppins. The people that rescued him
couldn’t keep him. They just did it
’cause they felt bad. I was told that Mary Poppins was leaving to go to another rescue. But when I heard he
needed a home, I was like, “Oh, heck yes.” Definitely a loner, at first. He was new to the farm animals. I don’t think he really knew
what to do with them. He was very timid,
not very personable. You can tell that
he missed his Mom. Colonel was with us for a week before I had received the phone call that Mary was never
picked up from a rescue. Obviously, it hurt my heart. Everything happens for a reason. She was meant to be
with Colonel. Seven days may not seem
like a long time for a mother and son
to be separated, but whenever I saw their reunion, I definitely kind of changed
my thought on that. When we first got here, she had no idea
what was in store for her. Let’s go see your son. Let’s go be reunited. Come on.
Come on, you can do it. Colonel, go to your Momma. Look! Look who’s over here. [bray]
Look who it is! It’s your son! Look. Do you see him yet?
Come on, Momma. He’s right here. Come on.
Come on, sweetheart. He started, like,
pacing back and forth. He wanted to get to her
as soon as possible. It was almost like
she was screaming for him, you know, like happy tears. I definitely got emotional. It was really, really
cool to see that. That’s my finger. Since the reunion,
Mary and Colonel have moved to a much bigger pasture. So they have more room to run
and graze and whatnot. They have two friends,
Clara Belle and Fernando, which are alpacas, and they get along
really well with them. Colonel and Mary
are with each other 24/7. They each have their own feed bucket, but they insist on eating
out of the same one. They are never more than
15 feet away from each other. and never out of sight. Colonel’s kind of like
the annoying kid, and Mary’s —
you know, she’ll play and stuff, and put up with them, but you know she loves it
at the end of the day. Since Mary’s been back
in Colonel’s life, his personality has
definitely changed. He’s no longer, like, that down-and-out, Eeyore
type of donkey. He’s very, very, mischievous, super-curious, has quite
the personality. Putting forth all the effort of getting Mary and Colonel
back together again was definitely worth it. Animals definitely, 100 percent, with
no doubt, feel emotions, go through the same
emotions as humans, go through a healing process
just like us. What’s in store for
Colonel and Mary is to live the best life they can here. They’re a part of our sanctuary,
so they’re never going anywhere.

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