Within a decade or two, arachnids and insect-based
foods may become normal especially among young people, which are more willing to…try something different. For those who are turning up their nose, you
are probably already eating arthropods. You know, the aquatic ones like lobsters or
crabs. They are cooked in the same way and often
consumed alive too. Insects, along with reptiles and arachnids,
are widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is taken from over 2,500 years of medical
practice. Even though they are not that tasty and quite
smelly the benefits of black ants are widely recognized. You might even be happy in the future if your
pet brings home some fleas and ticks just in time for a snack. Insects are a part of traditional diets of
at least 2 billion people worldwide. According to the Italian biologist Giulia
Maffei, to obtain a kilo of beef it takes 10 kilos of forage and 15,500 liters of water,
while from the same forage you can get 9 kilos of cricket meat and then produce only a tenth
of CO2 and a kilo of manure. Scorpions, worms and practically everything
that crawls are part of the food chain and are eaten by many animals that we feed on We are talking about high biological value
proteins that are easily assimilated by the body and very nutritious. Often lacking in or low in fat, insects can
also provide an excellent supply of vitamins or minerals. Crickets, for example, offer a protein intake
equal to about 65% of their weight. Of course it is always important to cook the
meat first before consuming it to avoid any type of disease that the animals could transmit
to us. Despite the benefits of eating insects for
food, in most western countries people see this practice as disgusting and primitive. This attitude has resulted in the neglect
of insects in agricultural research.


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