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    ➡︎ ENGLISH WORDS SCRIPT ⬅︎ Bussy & Speedy's Trip to The Zoo!
    (SPEEDY) Bussy, Bussy, Bussy, Bussy, Bussy!
    (BUSSY) Speedy, Speedy, Speedy, Speeedy, Speeeeeeedy! OK! I'm coming!
    (SPEEDY) Bussy! I'm upset! There is this place called a ZOO where there is an animal which runs faster than I can drive!
    (BUSSY) It can run faster than you can drive?
    (SPEEDY) Yes! It’s called a cheetah.
    (BUSSY) Speedy I know where the zoo is so let’s go and see for ourselves!
    (SPEEDY) Let’s go!
    (BUSSY) Here we are at the ZOO.
    (SPEEDY) Ok, here are some animals. What are they?
    (SPEEDY) He is a Panda bear and he eats this bamboo tree.
    (BUSSY) Huh! A Panda is not a fast animal. Actually, he is slow!
    (SPEEDY) Good Bussy, let’s take a picture of him! [PANDA]
    (SPEEDY) Wow, this guy's legs are soooo long! It's head's in the sky! What's it called Bussy?
    (BUSSY) Speedy, this guy is a giraffe. [GIRAFFE]
    (SPEEDY) I bet you he runs very fast with long legs like those!
    (BUSSY) Oh noooooo Speedy! He won’t beat you in a race! But a cheetah will! Let's go and look for one!
    (SPEEDY) Bussy! Loooook!! A black & white horse!
    (BUSSY) Ha, ha, ha! Speedy your “black & white horse” is a ZEBRA!
    (SPEEDY) Wow. It has cool stripes just like me! Take a picture! [ZEBRA]
    (BUSSY) Now let's continue our search for a Cheetah!
    (BUSSY) Wow, that’s sooooo big!!
    (SPEEDY) That is an elephant Bussy!
    (BUSSY) Yes, it’s an elephant! [ELEPHANT]
    (SPEEDY) Who is that standing in the lake Bussy?
    (BUSSY) It’s a Hippopotamus Speedy!
    (Speedy) BUSSY, take a picture with me and Mr Hippo pot amus! [HIPPOPOTAMUS]
    (BUSSY) At last we are here Speedy. Look! One of these 3 animals is a Cheetah!
    (SPEEDY) Which one is the fast Cheetah? OK Mr Cheetah who are you? I challenge you to a race! Come on!
    (SPEEDY) Are you ready to lose? Let's get prepared!
    (SPEEDY) Ready? Get set, Gooooooooooo!
    (SPEEDY) Oh! Red light! I must STOP!
    (BUSSY) So Mr Speedy, Speedy! Did you beat the Cheetah?
    (SPEEDY) Bussy, I was winning but I had to stop for a red traffic light otherwise I would have won the race for sure.
    (BUSSY) Heh, heh! OK I believe you Speedy…
    (SPEEDY) Huh, Maybe it's "cheating"!
    (BUSSY) Speedy while you were racing, I took pictures of some other animals in the zoo. Would you like to see?
    (SPEEDY) Yes, let me see!
    (SPEEDY) And both of us!

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