Beast (with Kagamine Rin)

BEAST “Hey, how’ve you been?” Singing those formalities I loathe. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the mask you don for show. With a blade forged in accusatory tones pushed up, held up against my throat. Oh… no. Stop. Don’t pretend like time fixed anything You’ve been hurting, you’ve been hoping maybe closure will soothe the sting. Oh, but I’ve run that choreography before. What’s done, is done, I’ve already lost the war. It’s the same song and dance once again. I’ll succumb to the raging beast from within As the synths fade in, it all will begin after the drop I think about you, I weep over you, and I just can’t stop. “Hey, maybe I went a little too far.” “But, hey, I can’t stand feeling like I tore you apart.” “Hey, let’s be friends again!!” Again, again. “I promise I won’t hurt you

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