Backyard Tips to Prevent Mosquito Breeding

First we’re gonna point out here is some
of the possible sources that can be found in backyards for mosquito breeding. And some of the more popular ones we have are rain gutters up here. It’s
very easy for rain gutters to clog and because they’re kind of out of sight out
of mind, mosquitoes can breed in there. We also
have rain barrels and now while saving water is great and we do encourage that
at the same time we would also ask that you screen off those rain barrels so
that the mosquitoes don’t have access to them. You’ve got tarps it can be sagging and hold water that’s enough. The bottom line
is if you can hold water for a week or longer it does have the potential to
breed mosquitoes. Kids toys like kiddie pools or buckets things like that, if
those sprinklers go off and get water in those or it rains- possible breeding
sites. Wheelbarrow, same thing, we prefer you store them upside down or on their
end so they don’t hold water. More kids toys right here that can breed things,
upside down frisbees. Another real big issue is plants that have those saucers
underneath them. Even though there’s not a lot of water in there that’s still
enough to bread several mosquitoes. Even smaller things like say watering cans. It’s really common for people to fill these up, water some plants, they’re still
maybe half full, they put them behind a shelf or behind a chair on the porch,
they forget about them for a while. So here we’ve got some examples, they’re
just kind of basic junk or trash you might find around the backyard even a
soda can even an old coffee cup somebody left out in the yard. You took a
coffee cup out to Grandpa and you forgot to bring it back in, hey there you go!
You’re gonna get mosquitos it if it stays out there for more than about a
week. There’s lots of things in the backyard that can breed mosquitoes. It
could be anything from kids toys to even tires like this, so the more you can do
to clean up that water in the backyard the more happy you’re gonna be about not
getting bit by mosquitoes and your neighbors are gonna thank you too!

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