all right we are on our last day we are
headed to the off to do we heard it’s fun it’s a place where they have rescued
animals so animals that have been hurt I read online that it’s animals I need
help I can t go back into the wild Kaizen is in historicity and so we’ll
let you know how it is all right so it’s a forever home for
rescued animals their mission is to assist animals in
need through rescue rehabilitation and education so first off I was so green
and so pretty dad says the argument went to money so
he’s ready for it oh look at here really look at this
white wolf a gray wolf call granny look eysan is thoroughly enjoying the zoo
that’s so better what are you looking at now what is it Rani what is it baby tell me what is this I’m
lining a big one for honey hey what is it it’s bigger than you it’s bigger than you animal musher I sold it to the zoo
instead of any of those people who contacted you on Facebook get away all right just finish up at the zoo
would you guys think was your favorite part right there I’d throw it feeding
them runny was your favorite part so pretty if you are in Austin we do
recommend this eat right thumbs up or thumbs down like it movie here you get on your back yesterday yeah
this is hey guys Austin we’re in route to Arizona you’re going home tonight we
had a great trip lots of fun you can see this dude still hanging out up there kid
still doing crazy tonight how was your trip you do heckum okay we’re out of here we just got to
Arizona we have a 40-minute way over but it’s Airport okay sort of trying to
hurry honey can you tucks it in do a video then go look at we grab the pony
tell them where we’re going where we’re going okay okay and be honest with him hey you want to
go away no that’s dangerous yeah okay so we’re gonna run and catch
the next flight literally just run over there and run straight onto that flight
but it’s fun this is a stuffy little boy Ryder what do you think you’re tired
you’re sittin on a escalator bro but does all the work for you and there’s no
lazy okay on the next one okay she jumped at least over she jumped out of
the stroller going back party’s over


  1. SoCal Yorkies July 2, 2019 at 5:18 pm

    Looks like a lot of fun!!! What do they do in summer to keep the animals ❄️COOL? ❄️

  2. Amazing Homes July 2, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    Been there with the family, good place that's saving animals.

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