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I do, I do for this family. I just don’t think many
people have a parent like Smurf, where we really had to bend
down to every demand and need. SHAWN HATOSY (VOICEOVER):
She’s proven that she would kill one of her own. That’s the threat
that’s always there. FINN COLE: Smurf is
very manipulative and J sees the power there,
and he thinks that he’s capable of doing that. BEN ROBSON: And how will it go? I think it will really lead to
some really explosive drama. SMURF (VOICEOVER): No
more mistakes, baby. You’re out of time. Action! We’re back, season four. That looked terrific. – It’s good to be back
here in Oceanside. Ready. [LAUGHS] Season four– it’s a
whole new chapter, you know? We lost Baz, Lucy, and Marco. And Smurf giving us
all the property, and so all the boys have
their own position and income. I love what you’ve
done with the place. BEN ROBSON: Craig
gets Baz’s house. Will be interesting
to see how he deals living in his
dead brother’s house with that regret. Pope– from the beginning
of this season, he’s unhinged. You know? They think you’re
out of control. Are you out of control, baby? He’s letting
himself deteriorate emotionally to the
point where he could be the downfall of the family. He’s gonna get us all killed. BEN ROBSON: He’s still trying
to deal with losing Lena. We really see him be the problem
factor in the jobs that we do. I think a lot of people
think that J’s biggest threat is Smurf, but
Pope’s his biggest threat in terms of survival. Stay out of my way. BEN ROBSON: And obviously,
all the chaos and mayhem that we love “Animal
Kingdom” for– it will be in there, as well. Everybody on the ground! JAKE WEARY: It kind of kicks
off in your face from the jump, so it’s the exciting stuff. SHAWN HATOSY: I was blown
away by this first heist. Guns are blazing. Let’s roll, please. Rolling. BEN ROBSON: We got this really
exciting chase from the police through these amazing farmlands,
and it’s exciting and smart– the classic kind of Cody
heist that we all love to do. FINN COLE: There’s gonna
be a lot of action– Go, go, go, go. FINN COLE: –a lot of betrayal. SMURF: Someone is
talking to the cops. You better watch
your back with Smurf. FINN COLE: It’s gonna
be interesting to see where the scripts take us. SMURF (VOICEOVER): I’m the boss. Everything you have– I’m gonna take it all. You never know
what’s gonna happen. ANNOUNCER: Animal Kingdom, all
new Tuesdays at 9:00 on TNT. And watch anytime on
demand in the TNT app.

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