Hi, I’m Jacopo And today I’ll tell you about The lowland streaked tenrec Tenrecs mostly live in Madagascar In Madagascar there a lot of awesome endemic creatures 25.000 species of different animals And most of them are endangered because of deforestation Endemic means that a creature lives only in one place For example ring-tailed lemur Red ruffed lemur Aye-ayes Tarsiers Panther chameleon Hissing cockroach And giant leaf-tail gecko The lowland streaked ternec Is special because it’s the only mammal that can rub its quills Together to call its family Or to warn others About predators This is the same way of making sounds that Crickets and rattlesnakes use Humans need special microphones to Hear this sound Because it’s very high pitched This is the sound recorded by BBC The tenrec’s predators are Malagasy civet The beautiful ring-tail mongoose And fossa That is the top predator in Madagascar And eats juts about everything The fossa is of the same family Of mongooses but looks like a feline You can also see all these incredible animals In the Madagascar movie series Maurice is a aye-aye King Julian is a ring tail lemur Mort is a cute mouse lemur And the fossas Thank you for watching, be sure to subscribe And we’ll see you next time Bye bye

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