4K CC. Flying Zebra Tail Lizard, Catch amazing Pet Reptiles & Amphibians AZ CA NV NM USA Herping HD

In southwest Utah again cause ya know..this is where I live We got a Zebra Tail today We had to chase him down and try to catch him like 8, 9 times But the good thing is he wasn’t a runner Some of these Zebra Tails.. You go after them they will literally run You know 100-200 feet to get away 10 20 10 20 10 20 and eventually um… (Very loud tractor driving by) A tractor, Really? lol Ha anyways I got my buddy with me Kid: Hi Guy: Were out catchin and.. this is the fishing pole we got it propped up right here It’s propped up against this tree so it give the Lizard just a little bit of play So he can’t run away and hurt him self Just like that, He just flies Every time you touch him he just runs away and he floats Woah Wrong way that time See, Flying lizard K can you still see the lizard? Kid: Yep ohh oh I got the fishing pole propped up on the branch Witch gives him just enough slack To where he can run and fly in the air like superman for a couple seconds and then he just fly’s right back and he’s back where he started so that way he can’t just run and jerk him self Kid: Oh there he goes aahhh He made the string fly in my face He’s like hangin on to me Roll over play dead Goood Lizard hehe He’s kinda got like a little happy smiley face His face is shaped like a shovel Woah (CRASH) lizard hits camera Come here you Ok that’s good buddy And there he goes ha ha ha Gone

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