295 Validate Your Podcast Feed

In the last lesson I talked about validating your feed with iTunes if you want to validate your feed before even submitting to iTunes to make sure it looks good which you might want to do before you actually publish it on iTunes and maybe go live. Just go to this cast feed validator dot com is the first resort if you type in podcast feed validator into google posts that feed of yours that you got from your host and click validate feed. It’s going to take a few seconds for up to a few minutes to validate and once it does it will include your title your subtitle your description the author the image of your podcast and if you have any podcast that have been uploaded it will have it there as well. And it will also give you the basic result if it’s OK or if there’s an issue. It will give you an error message. So that’s just something just to check out before you actually submit to iTunes or any other podcast directory.

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